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Facebook Shows Off An Ultra-Thin Pair Of VR Glasses

Due to all the components needed in order to spawn virtual reality functional, pretty much all the VR headsets we’ve seen tend to be rather large-hearted and bulky and not exactly portable. However, over at Facebook Reality Labs, the company has shown off a proof-of-concept pair of VR glasses that look like a duet of regular glasses.

According to Facebook, they propose that in order to achieve this level of thinness, it will require a mixture of holographic optics and polarization-based optical folding. The cease answer are exposes that only calibrate less than. 35 -inches thick, which allows them to be housed in a much more smaller compact frame.

However, before you get too excited at the chances for a duet of light-weight VR glass, it is a proof-of-concept meaning that while it acts, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. For lesson, Facebook notes that the glasses can only output in monochrome right now, but in theory, it should be capable of providing a wider color range and likewise most appropriate solution that can potentially eliminate any discernible pixels.

It remains extremely promising though and while VR isn’t relatively gaining the same amount of friction compared to AR, hopefully the smaller footprint could entice more people to adopt VR in the future.

Facebook Shows Off An Ultra-Thin Pair Of VR Glasses

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