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Facebook hands over VR painting and animation app Quill to its creator

Facebook has handed over virtual reality explain and animation implement Quill to Inigo Quilez, private developers who generated the app. Quilez has constituted a company called Smoothstep and rebranded the tool as Quill by Smoothstep, which is now on the Oculus Store.

The original Quill app will be removed from the Oculus Store on October 18 th. It’ll still work for those who downloaded it, but Oculus won’t support the app any longer. Useds is important to manually upload founders to Oculus Media Studio manually rather than through Quill as well.

Facebook says Quill content shared on Oculus Media Studio or Oculus TV will still be available on Oculus for now. The Quill Theater app will remain on the collect — it is likely to be renamed as VR Animation Player next month. The Oculus team also noted that Smoothstep has open sourced both Quill Theater’s IMM immersive content distribution file format( IMM) and an IMM player.

Quilez built the first account of Quill during a 2015 hackathon to aid production on Oculus Story Studio’s VR short-lived, Dear Angelica. The cinema was the first to be hand-painted absolutely inside of a VR environment. Other filmmakers have adopted Quill, with works developedusing the tool being screened at major cinema celebrations such as Sundance and Venice.

Some major corporations are expected to enter or propagandize deeper into the VR and desegregated reality space in the coming years, such as Apple and Sony. As such, developers of VR creation tools such as Quill have a big opportunity for growth in the medium term.

Read more: engadget.com

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