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Extra Crunch Live: Join Mark Cuban for a Q&A on April 30 at 11am ET/8am PT

Billionaire. Entrepreneur. Investor. Shark.

Mark Cuban is one of tech’s best-known industrialists, so we are amped to have him meet us for an upcoming Extra Crunch Live, our virtual talker successions that connects the brightest sentiments in tech directly with our Extra Crunch audience.

Starting out as a salesman for one of Dallas’s earliest PC software resellers, Cuban was fired after he discounted his boss’ fiats and invited another employee to cover for him while he are caught up a check for a $10,000 sale. He went on to create his own application reseller/ arrangement integrator announced MicroSolutions, which he sold in 1990 for$ 6 million to CompuServe, then an H& R Block subsidiary. That labelled the beginning of a storied( and, at times, tumultuous) career as an industrialist and investor.

Cuban went on to co-found Audionet( later renamed ), which he eventually sold to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion in 1999; that same year, he made history when he purchased a Gulfstream V for $40 million in the largest single e-commerce transaction ever conducted.

The man’s brain is always 20 times in the future.

The Dallas Mavericks majority proprietor and” Shark Tank” gues invests in startups for two decades. His portfolio includes Apptopia, The Zebra, Node, UBeam and many other startups; according to Crunchbase, Cuban has made more than 100 speculations since 2004.

We’ll ask how he’s advising his portfolio firms in the middle of a crisis and will get his prognosis on the financial outlook over the next 12 to 24 months. We’re also interested to hear how Cuban envisions engineering may or may not solve for its situation around live boasts, which have effectively been halted by the pandemic.

And if we have time, we’ll ask a bit about workers, equitable capitalism and his thoughts regarding the gig economy in these turbulent goes. Given Cuban’s straightforward speaking mode, we’re expecting a candid exchange, and as we’re snagging him in exceptional occasions, our chit-chat may help you understand how at least one heading capitalist vistums the new world.

Hit the jumping to add the ask items to your calendar via the AddEvent link and access the Zoom information immediately. We’ll take audience questions toward the end, so weigh in. If you aren’t an Extra Crunch member more, join here for only a few horses to start.

Cuban joins a schedule packed with all-stars, including Charles Hudson, Mitch and Freada Kapor, Hunter Walk, Roelof Botha and Kirsten Green. And if you missed it, check out our Extra Crunch Live episode with Aileen Lee and Ted Wang.


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