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EventGeek relaunches as Circa to help marketers embrace virtual events

EventGeek was a Y Combinator-backed startup that offered tools to help vast organizations administer the logistics of their contests. So with the COVID-1 9 pandemic virtually eliminating large-scale meets, at least in-person, it’s not exactly surprising that the company had to reinvent itself.

Today, EventGeek relaunched as Circa, with a brand-new focus on virtual phenomena. Founder and CEO Alex Patriquin said that Circa is reusing some pieces of EventGeek’s existing technology, but he estimated that 80% of the programme is new.

While the relaunch only just became official, the startup says its software has already been used to adapt 40,000 in-person events into virtual consultations and webinars.

The immediate challenge, Patriquin said, is simply figuring out how to shed a virtual occurrence — something for which Circa offers a playbook. But the startup’s goals go beyond virtual event logistics.

” Our new focus is truly more at the senior sell stakeholder stage, helping them have a blended attitude of “the consumers ” ,” Patriquin said.

He explained that” contests have always been kind of unplugged from the marketing stack ,” so the shift to virtual presents an opportunity to treat occasion participation as part of the larger customer journey, and to include events in the broader customer record. To that goal, Circa integrates with sales and sell methods like Salesforce and Marketo, as well as with video conferencing pulpits like Zoom and On24.

Circa screenshot

Image Credits: Circa

” We don’t actually deliver[ the conference] know ,” Patriquin said.” We made it into that context of the customer journey .”

Liz Kokoska, major chairman of necessitate generation for The americas at Circa customer Okta, made a similar point.

” Prior to Circa, we had to manage our physical and virtual happens in separate plans, even though we thought of them as parts of the same marketing channel ,” Kokoska said in a statement.” With Circa, we now have a single scene of all our episodes in one place — this is helpful in planning and company-wide visibility on marketing activity. Being enabled to seamlessly adapt to the new world of virtual and hybrid incidents has give

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