Equity: Uber sells its Eats business in India, Qonto raises, and Tesla says no

Good morning, friends, and welcome back to TechCrunch’s Equity Monday, a short-form audio thumped to kickstart your week. Equity’s regular, long-form presents still shore each and every Friday, including this entry from just a few days ago.

This morning, coming to you early from the frozen tundra of the American East Coast, it’s Tuesday. That’s because yesterday was a holiday in the United States, so we took the day to work a little bit less than normal. But that doesn’t mean we’d hop-skip an occurrence, so let’s dive into topics 😛 TAGEND

Uber is cutting its losings in India, selling its Eats business for a stake in Zomato. Zomato is well-funded, and Uber now loses less money. Nonetheless, where it will find growth is the next question. Earnings season is upon us. This week, Netflix, IBM, and Intel will announce their results. Naturally, those aren’t the companies that we care about the most on Equity, but they are big enough to generate quite a lot of sound. Noise that will help provided market sentimentality regarding technology firms, both public and private. Too on the report breast, Tesla is saying’ no’ to reports that its automobiles accelerate without input. Qonto, a French neobank, has raised a $115 million Series C. That’s a huge round for a nifty companionship that is taking a popular model in a fresh direction. Stasher is a nifty companionship in that it must make sense, even if your humble slave doesn’t really get onto. It raised $ 2.5 million more. Captrace also developed in partnership a round, though we don’t know how enormous. What happened when you cross the cap table with blockchain? We may find out. Finally, a remembrance as to why Uber is leaving Gobbles in India behind. Globally, Uber Eats turned $3.66 billion in GMV into $392 million in adjusted net income in Q3 2019. That wound up generating – $316 million in adjusted EBITDA. Damn.

And that was all the time that we had. We’re back Friday and Monday.

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