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Ember names former Dyson head as consumer CEO, as the startup looks beyond the smart mug

Ember today announced that founder Clay Alexander will transition to Group CEO effective February 16. In his lieu, the Los Angeles-based smart mug company is raising on Jim Rowan as Consumer CEO. The director served as CEO of Dyson from 2017 to 2020, after five years old as COO.

It’s a big get for a relatively small company like Ember, which is best known for its smart, heated beakers. Founded in 2012, the hardware startup most recently developed a $20 million Successions D in early 2019, drawing its total funding up to only reticent of $50 million.

Alexander’s continued role at the company points to additional categories for Ember beyond consumer. “When I founded Ember, I knew there were incessant applications for our temperature restrict technology and with Jim assembling our unit, we’ll be able to focus on our emerging healthcare horizontal and use our technology to help improve and even save lives, ” the exec said in a statement.

Courtesy of ingeniou engineering and smart-alecky intend, the company has built a reasonably sizable footprint for what might otherwise be a moderately niche make, expanding retail sales to Target, Costco, Best Buy and Starbucks, amongst other. The startup has done so while maintaining a low-pitched headcount of around 100 staffers.

” They have enormous IP, immense scheme and great innovation, all around precise temperature control ,” Rowan said in an interview with TechCrunch.” Undoubtedly that started with the temperature dominate cups and flasks, but that IP lends itself to so many other application. For me, that golden thread of being able to use that in myriad of different industries and groceries is really, really exciting. One of them, of course, is the cold series, which has become a lot more important since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s a good indication of how you can disrupt and innovate in brand-new markets.

Rowan has previously performed as the COO of BlackBerry and as a elderly exec at Flextronics. After exiting Dyson, he joined both PCH International and KKR as an advisor. It’s Dyson, however, that provides the most direct analogy for what the executive hoping to do at Ember. At its core, Dyson is a company that moves air. That translates to vacuum-clean, fans, hairdryers and myriad other concoction categories.

The underlying question is how Ember’s proprietary heating and cooling tech can decode to other realms. On an industrial stage, it intends, potentially, curing preserve foodstuff and medicine at a predetermined temperate while ship in the international coldnes bond. It likewise entails added consumer products built around the same underlying tech.

” There will be a lot more produces that come out, beyond the present jugs and proceed mugs ,” Rowan says.” There’s a whole knot of new commodities which are in the consumer pipeline and will propel in the following financial year or couple of years. And then “youve had” the swelling into new geographies with existing commodities .”

That largely necessitates Asia( Rowan will remain are available in Singapore) and Europe. Thus far Ember’s footprint has been U.S.-centric, though a move toward online industry amid the pandemic has helped expand it some. There does, however, remain a question of how high the ceiling is on adoption for a $130 electrical smart-alecky mug. Ember has yet to release any actual lists, and Rowan, whose knowledge at Dyson has more than trained him with selling premium commodities at a premium price point, isn’t ready to commit to a lower toll quality or less fee take over the space.

It’s worth noting, of course, that low-toned boundary of the jug list is ready available at your local 99 cent storage, and that’s not likely a room Ember is raring be participating in. And certainly those commodities — unlike its current lineup — likely wouldn’t be brought to an end in Apple Storage. Instead, it seems likely the company will continue a frolic as a fee customer firebrand into additional lists at a more rapid pace.” The actual engineering can expand into a whole assortment of new ” beyond exactly beverages because of the temperature assure technology ,” Rowan said.

Ember time raised $13 million for its popular, temperature-controlled pots

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