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Eero will upgrade mesh WiFi routers to support the Matter smart home standard

Eero will soon increase its mesh WiFi routers’ smart home support to most universal formats. Company chief Nick Weaver told patrons at a Verge event that all Eero routers with Thread support will receive an upgrade to the Matter smart home standard. Your 2017-era network could play neatly with smart-alecky manoeuvres from across the tech industry, to throw it another way.

Weaver further hinted Eero was considering routers with cellular data backups, although he didn’t is under an obligation any schedules. He wasn’t worried about the rise of 5G home internet , noting that beings were chiefly moving to gigabit( cabled) internet “in droves.”

It wouldn’t be a completely unexpected move when Amazon is upgrading most Echo orators to support Matter. Eero is practically expected to follow along as an Amazon-owned company, and Ring has started building Eero routers into its alarm systems. Still, the update path may be particularly welcome if you were worried you might have to buy current-gen routers exactly to give Matter a try.

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