eBay Q1 reports sales of $2.374B, active buyers up to 174M in wake of COVID-19

After a one-quarter in which eBay, tussling with an activist investor, completed the sell-off of its ticketing business StubHub for$ 4 billion and realized appointed a new CEO after its previous one departed, while also weathering ripples of surging demand and dodgy supply resulting from the COVID-1 9 pandemic, today the e-commerce company reported its Q1 earnings following the conclusion of markets.

The company reported revenues of $ 2.374 billion, down 2% on a year ago, with earnings per share of $ 0.64 on a GAAP basis and $ 0.77 non-GAAP, on a continuing actions basis.

This was a mixed result. Consultants on average were expecting $2.38 billion in receipts on earnings per share of $ 0.72. Ebay itself was expecting sales of between $2.55 billion and $2.60 billion, with GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing runnings in the range of $ 0.50- $0.53 and non-GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing enterprises within the limits of $ 0.70- $0.73.

In other texts, eBay missed on sales in terms of analyst average juttings, beat their expectations on EPS, and shape both of its own internal targets.

At the time of writing, eBay’s stock was down 7 pennies in after-hours trading.

” During these unprecedented meters, I am extremely proud of how our unit has come together to support one another, our buyers and sellers, our communities and the business ,” said Scott Schenkel, eBay’s interim CEO, in the earnings testimony.” As we look at Q1, I am pleased that we gave on all of our commitments for the part, with key metrics such as Buyers, GMV and Revenue performing at or better than our beliefs. Over the past several months, we have remained focused and clear-eyed about the tactical tack of the company and have driven substantial changes to position the business for sustainable and profitable long-term growth .”

” I admire the team’s hard work in the first quarter and their efforts to maintain focus amid so many parts affecting the business and the industry ,” said Jamie Iannone, the brand-new permanent CEO that it headhunted from Walmart, in a separate statement.” I’m thrilled to return to eBay this week as CEO and I look forward to building on the positive force in the business, continuing to evolve the Company’s strategy and maximizing importance for our shareholders .”

As expected, the company — like other e-commerce beings — has verified a lift in customer necessitate from the swarms of consumers who are currently being ordered to stay at home, but who still need to buy things, and specifically try to source items that they’re see a challenge to find in more neighbourhood accumulates. eBay noted that active purchasers are up by 2% and now total 174 million global active buyers.

Despite that, however, gross sell magnitude( GMV, or total sales volume before any sections are made) was $21.3 billion, down 1% on an as-reported basis. We might assume that the deteriorate might have been significantly steeper without the current climate, or that it has at least offset other kinds of declines.

Ebay is on a long-term plan to improve what it maintenances from that GMV by way of implementing administered fees, which basically means that it’s handling the payment process for events itself.

This comes by way of a deal eBay struck with Adyen some time ago, which replaced a payments agreement it had with former affiliate PayPal that became less lucrative after PayPal was dispossessed during a previous organizer investor tussle.

Managed payments is still a relatively small part of pie for eBay, accounting for a mere$ 3 billion of GMV for 32,000+ marketers. But it’s expanding, eBay said: it’s being turned on in the U.K ., Canada and Australia in July.

Meanwhile, Marketplace — the prime eBay business, that is — generated $2.1 billion of revenue, down 1 %, while Classifieds insured $248 million of incomes, down 3 %.

That Classifieds business is on the block as part of the company’s wider efforts to restructure.” eBay continues to explore potential value-creating alternatives for its Classifieds business, is viewing active discussions with multiple gatherings, and predicts having an update by the middle of the year ,” the company memo.

The company also handed out $ 4.0 billion in share buybacks, repurchasing virtually 98 million shares, part of a share repurchase programme that will be completed last-minute this year.

However, even with those positives, there is a cloud hanging over countless e-commerce customs, even those that are seeing strong demand.

The reason for this is that the economy is very precarious right now, and we don’t perfectly know what the coming months will hold, in terms of public health, government rules on how we can move, whether we will have jobs and money to waste. And all of that is playing into how business like eBay will perform under its brand-new CEO and continuing influence from its organizer investors.

With all that in sentiment, Ebay too modernized its guidance for the next one-quarter and reiterated digits for the full year. Q2, it expects, will have revenues of between $2.38 billion and $2.48 billion, with GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing functionings in the range of $ 0.50- $0.57 and non-GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing actions in the range of $ 0.73- $0.80.

The full-year people are unchanged at between $9.56 billion and $9.76 billion, with GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing procedures within the limits of $ 2.20- $2.30 and non-GAAP earnings per diluted share from continuing operations in the range of $ 3.00- $3.10.

” Given the dynamic surrounding, we are not revising our full year revenue and EPS forecasts ,” the company observes.” This steering shows management’s beliefs for functional act and the impacts seen in both of our Marketplaces and Classifieds scaffolds to date, but given the uncertainty surrounding the extent and span of the impact of the COVID-1 9 pandemic, it is difficult to predict what may result as shelter-in-place recommendations are easy and hoisted and how world consumer demand, the effects of COVID-1 9 on the general economy, vendor inventorying and publicize spend may evolve over time .”

More to come.

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