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E-commerce tracking platform AfterShip raises $66M led by Tiger Global

AfterShip was initiated in 2012 to help online marketers track cartons across different carriers, but since then it has built a suite of data analytics tools plastering almost every step of the shopping ordeal, from email sell to purchaser retention. The Hong Kong-headquartered startup announced today it has raised a $66 million Lines B led by Tiger Global, with participation from Hillhouse Capital’s GL Ventures.

AfterShip’s last round of funding was a$ 1 million Series A in 2014. Co-founder Andrew Chan told TechCrunch that the company has been productive because it launch and grew mainly through word-of-mouth referrals and partnerships, like a Shopify integration, that improved its profile. But the company recently contributed a sales squad and will be implemented by its recent uppercase on international hiring for sale and customer support. It too plans to launch brand-new concoctions and expand further in the United Commonwealth, where about 70% of AfterShip’s purchasers are located.

AfterShip moves its automated carrying API, Postmen, available for free

The company’s software enables vendors to track shipments induced through more than 740 carriers and administers more than 6 billion shipments each year. AfterShip’s partners with about 10,000 corporations, including some of the most difficult identifies in e-commerce: Shopify( where it is used by 50,000 brokers ), Magento, Squarespace, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Groupon, Rakuten, Wish and retail brands like Dyson and Inditex.

A labelled shipment tracking page and email established within AfterShip’s software. Image Credits: AfterShip

AfterShip’s core product is its shipment tracking stage, but it also makes apps for customers, including self-service returns and packet moving, and sales and commerce an instrument for sellers that tell them get more squander out of data from shipments. Chan explained that package tracking is also a customer engagement tool for vendors that gives them testify more product the proposals and advertisings to buyers. AfterShip’s implements enables merchants to create their own labelled tracking sheets and notifications. Other boasts allow them to track the performance of different carriers, originate email market campaigns and increase purchaser retention.

Its CRM abilities help AfterShip distinguish from other shipment tracking aggregator providers.

“When we must be considered our see, we look at what Salesforce is doing, but is there an e-commerce Salesforce that can cover more topics for sales beings to use, ” Chan said.

In press statement, Pengfei Wang, global partner at Tiger Global, said, “AfterShip produces the charge in representing the shipping process more transparent and reliable for consumers and companies alike. As expansion in e-commerce coilings ever uphill, “we ii” excited to partner with AfterShip and its leadership team as they continue to advance technology in this critical and expanding industry.”

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