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Dyson Headphones Can Help Purify Air

February 5, 2020

Dyson Headphones Can Help Purify Air


We’ve already seen a variety of headphones for different use-cases.

Now, it looks like we may have a headphone that would potentially purify the breeze around you.

Dyson Ltd. technologists have come up with a brand-new make which has also been published by the U.K patent office.

The product aims to purify the aura utilizing a filter equipped inside the headphone. And, looking at the current climate change crisis, air pollution is definitely a thing that needs to be addressed.

Of course, Dyson’s product( or contrive) of come through here with a headphone that sanctifies breeze might end up being a luxury product to start with- but it is a good start.

Basically, the headphones will have fan-like propellers to draw the breeze through a filter to refine it. We cannot be too sure if it will ever be available commercially but a dream for a “wearable air purifier” is impressive.

Considering that air pollution is harmful- it could be a really interesting addition to the list of available gizmoes( accessories) while being able to tackle pollution.

For now, it could be limited to a dream- but in the near future, we can potentially see it in action. What do you think?

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