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DTS has discovered a course to integrate TV talkers into a surround sound setup. The Play-Fi Home Theater system connects TVs to external orators over WiFi. The first compatible TVs should arrive in the third part of 2021( in other words, by the end of October ).

The company says Play-Fi Home Theater won’t expect creators or customers to add any additional hardware to their TVs. If you’d very not use the TV’s built-in loudspeakers, you can still wirelessly output the center channel audio to a compatible soundbar or front talkers. The organization can automatically adapt to the number of loudspeakers you connect to the TV, and you can build out your setup with more loudspeakers later.

The system, which builds on DTS’ long-standing Play-Fi protocol, can be attached several other speakers, including up to two subwoofers, for surround sound. You are also welcome to toy audio from your TV elsewhere in your home if you have a multiroom setup. In addition, you can listen to audio from your Tv through headphones via an app.

The Play-Fi Home Theater approach isn’t totally new. Sony has enabled customers to use compatible TVs’ built-in loudspeakers as their surround sound setup’s middle channel for a while. Competition is almost always a good thing, though, and if DTS can lower the cost obstruction for multi-channel audio with its system, so much the better.

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