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Do we need so many virtual HQ platforms?

Teamflow, founded by ex-Uber manager Flo Crivello, had given rise to an $11 million Series A only three months after raising a $3.9 million grain for its virtual HQ platform. The latest round in the startup was led by Battery Ventures, with Menlo Ventures extending its previous financing event.

Teamflow’s raise comes just days after competitor Gather announced a $26 million Series A round led by Sequoia Capital . Another company, Branch, had given rise to a $1.5 million seed round from investors such as Homebrew and Gumroad’s Sahil Lavingia and is currently raising its Series A.

All these startups want to bring into the mainstream a game-like interface for people to toggle through during their work day. The world is, all three companionships ( and dozens of others ) likely can’t win. The winning difference lies in strategy, Teamflow’s Crivello tells me.

“I think in the early days, the biggest differentiator is going to be UX and our aesthetic, ” he said. “A lot of the other participates have a particularly gamified coming, and we’re big-hearted fans of that, but we think that beings don’t want to have their[ labour] meetings in a Pokemon game.”

A tour through Teamflow’s office shows that the company is more focused on productivity than gamification. Incorporations include a Slack-like chat peculiarity as well as file and image sharing. It is currently working on an in-platform app store so users can download the desegregations that work best with their crew, Crivello said. There are currently games too.

Teamflow’s virtual HQ platform.

This focus has helped Teamflow gain traction with supervisors instead of event organizers, a more stable source of revenue per the founder. The corporation currently hosts tens of thousands of teams within startups on its scaffold, wracking in “hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.” Gather, a contestant, recently told TechCrunch that it gets the majority of its revenue from one-off occasions. Gather’s monthly income is currently $400,000, according to founder Philip Wang.

Gather, alternatively, seems and feels very different from Teamflow in that it is closer to the feel of Sims.

Gather’s virtual HQ platform.

Branch’s Dayton Mills said that it has been able to stay competitive through becoming” so much better gamified .” It has added ranks, in-game currencies and XP to encourage employees to customize their office space.

” Productivity isn’t divulge, but culture, recreation and social interaction is ,” Mills told TechCrunch.” So when it comes to work and play we’re aiming to fix the play part , not the duty. Work comes as a side effects .” Branch has not saw revenue yet.

How to do remote act right, from the teams that know it best

The next passion for Teamflow is expanding its purchaser cornerstone beyond the hip experimental team at startups. Crivello noted that Zoom produces in about 40% of its revenue through firm marketings, and Teamflow is resultedly “doubling down on project readiness.”

The company will work on being compliant and continuing privacy standards so it can onboard healthcare and biotech companies, what it views as “buttoned up verticals” that might not miss the other gamified approaches.

Crivello is clear about his perception for the startup: He wants to make it harder to move out of a virtual department than a physical agency. If Teamflow can become an operating system of kinds long-term, computing on lotions and bringing in a high quality of standards, it might be able to bring on a broadest set of clients.

Virtual HQs race to win over a remote-work-fatigued market

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