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VideoReel - Commercial

Do phones need to fold?

March 1, 2020

Do phones need to fold?

As Samsung( re) launched its clamshell folding phone last week, I retained reading the same question pop up amongst my social roundabouts: why?

I was wondering the same thing myself, to be honest. I’m not sure even Samsung knows; they’d prevail me over by the end, but merely reasonably. The halfway-folded, laptop-style” Flex Mode” offers an opportunity to residence the phone on a table for hands-free video calling. That’s pretty neat, I predict. But … is the fact that it?

The best provide answers to ” why ?” I’ve come up with so far isn’t a terribly filling one: As they can( maybe ). And because they sort of it is necessary to do something.

Let’s time-travel back to the early 2000 s. Telephones were odd, varied and no producers genuinely knew what was going to work. We had basic throw phones and Nokia’s indestructible bricks, but we too had phones that swiveled, slithered and included chunky physical keyboards that seemed absolutely crucial. The Sidekick! LG Chocolate! BlackBerry Pearl! Most were pretty bad by today’s standards, but it was at least easy to tell one model from the next.

( Photo by Kim Kulish/ Corbis via Getty Images)

Then came the iPhone in 2007; a rectangular glass slab characterized less by physical buttons and buttons and more by the software that powered it. The manoeuvre itself, a silhouette. There was hesitation to this formula, first; the first Android phones shipped with swiveling keyboards, trackballs and numerous slither pads. As iPhone sales flourished, everyone else’s buttons, sliders and keyboards were simmered away as designers emulated the iPhone’s form factor. The best explanation, it seemed, was a simple one.

Twelve years later, everything has become the same. Phones have become … suffering. When everyone is trying to build a better rectangle, the duel became one of equipment specs. Which one has the fastest CPU? The best camera?

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