Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran 1132 : Dr. Bill Jackson DDS, COO

Bill rehearsed clinical dentistry for 10 years, while founding a small dental insurance company in Los Angeles. He left clinical rule to work with Prudential Healthcare( afterwards be achieved by Aetna ), where he eventually grew President of the Dental Division headquartered in New Jersey. Later, he was hired by Wellpoint Healthcare( now Anthem) as General Manager, the major exec over the dental department and returned to California. During the dot-com thunder in 1998, Bill left Wellpoint and founded Dental Connect, a real-time dental EDI company which later merged with Dentalxchange. After the sale of Dentalxchange in 2003, Bill helped in the founding of Planet DDS the developer of Denticon, the cloud-based practice management software, as SVP of Business Development. After its marketing in 2016, Bill and his business collaborator at both Dentalxchange and Planet DDS, Richard Lee, started a pursuing to address the issues of the dental underserved through the use of innovative engineering. The cause was the founding of Virtual Dental Care, Inc ., where Bill is the COO.

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