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Deep data running wearable NURVV closes $9M Series A led by Hiro Capital

Launched at Ce 2020, NURVV, a biomechanics startup, has closed a$ 9m Series A round, led by Hiro Capital, the athletics/ Esports VC fund, along with co-investment from Ian Livingstone CBE( Games Workshop co-founder) and Cherry Freeman( co-founder of LoveCrafts ).

It turns out that if you can figure out how to protect a smartphone from crushing, you can also work out how high a basketball participate can jump.

Jason Roberts founded Tech2 1, one of the world’s conducting smartphone case makes. He and his co-founder and wife Ulrica have now consumed that knowledge to launch new wearable tech produce, which, when inserted into the sole of a shoe, can value the impres of a paw on the ground, or the leap of its wearer.

The wearable exerts 32 sensors accommodated inside lightweight insoles to captivate data from the hoof at 1,000 seasons per second, per sensor.

The money will be used to bring NURVV’s debut commodity, NURVV Run, to a global market and store further R& D.

Featured among the best indices of Wired, CNET and Gear Patrol, the wearable has previously been measured by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory over the past three years,

It can quantify leading metrics such as cadence, step period, footstrike, pronation and counterbalance, feeding the data into the NURVV Run coaching app to show a picture of the wearer’s running technique, and thus helping athletes improve their procedure and pace.

While runners are already able to collect a huge amount of data about their drain, the data is always after the move. Jason Roberts, benefactor and CEO, says NURVV Run captivates a runner’s metrics “directly from the point of action at the paw, before using live coaching to help them improve in a simple, easy-to-understand way.”

Speaking to TechCrunch, Jason Roberts was just telling me that the technology built into the sole is more “accurate than watches for steps, strides or power dissipated. It will even detect when you are injured.”

He said “you could even broadcast a player’s live stairs. Imagine if you could see that data from basketball? ”

Co-founder Ulrica Roberts( pictured) included: “We obstructed coming back to the same question:’ Why is running weighed from the wrist, when most of the important metrics happen at the hoofs ?… We searched out the skills needed to make it happen.”

Luke Alvarez, controlling Partner of Hiro, said in a statement: “Hiro is delighted to be investing in NURVV as our Fund’s fourth consider and our first Sports tech financing. NURVV’s success comes from putting the athlete’s body at the heart of everything they do. Nurvv is based on fundamental patented sensor engineerings combined with deep biomechanics and data science that have revolutionary potential across boasts, gaming, VR/ AR and wellness. Jason and Ulrica are fantastic inventors and we are excited to be working with them and their team to take NURVV to the next level.”

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