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Decrypted: Hackers show off their exploits as Black Hat goes virtual

Every year hackers descend on Las Vegas in the sweltering August heat to break ground on security research and the most innovative hacks. This year was no different, even if it was virtual.

To name a few: Hackers tricked an ATM to spit out cash. A duo of security investigates figured out a way to see the latest cell site simulators. Car investigates successfully hacked into a Mercedes-Benz. A Windows bug some two decades old-fashioned can be used to plant malware. Cryptocurrency exchanges were extremely vulnerable to hackers for a epoch. Internet satellites are more insecure than we thought and their data torrents can contain feelings, unencrypted data. Two insurance researchers lived to tell the tale after they were arrested for the purposes of an perfectly legal physical invasion assessment. And, a former NSA hacker uncovered how to weed malware on a Mac using a booby-trapped Word document.

But with less than 3 month until millions of Americans go to the ballots, Black Hat sharpened its focus on election security and integrity more so than any previous year.

Here’s more from the week.

THE BIG PICTURE A major voting machine maker is finally opening up to intruders

The relationship between intruders and referendum machine manufacturers has been nothing short of fraught. No corporation wants to see their makes torn apart for shortcomings that could be being used by foreign snoops. But one company, once resistant to the security community, has started to show signs of compromise.

Election equipment manufacturer ES& S is opening up its voting machines to hackers — willing — under a new vulnerability revealing program. That will see the company embrace intruders for the first time, recognizing that intruders have knowledge, insight and know-how — rather than pushing them apart and rejecting their own problems absolutely. Or, as the company’s insurance chief told Wired:” Hackers gonna hacker, researchers gonna research .”

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