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Daily Crunch: Robinhood raises $1B

January 31, 2021

Daily Crunch: Robinhood raises $1B

Robinhood caps a mad week for new funding, Coinbase is going public and Johnson& Johnson discovers new vaccine test data. This is your Daily Crunch for January 29, 2021.

The large-hearted storey: Robinhood collects$ 1B

I know the newsletter has been dominated by Robinhood and stock market news for the past few periods but, well, so have the headlines.

The latest news is that after reportedly tapping its personal credit line, Robinhood raised$ 1 billion in new sources of funding from existing investors. It seems the company needed the money in order to meet regulatory minimums and other requirements restrained to users’ trading activity.

Meanwhile, the SEC has issued a statement that doesn’t specifically mention Robinhood or GameStop by specify, but it was of the view that” extreme broth price volatility has the potential to expose investors to rapid and severe losses” that could “undermine market confidence .”

The tech giants

You can now give Facebook’s Oversight Board feedback on the decision to suspend Trump — The human rights committee says the station of the public comment process is to incorporate “diverse perspectives” from third parties who wish to share research that might inform their decisions.

Uber’s Autocab acquisition comes nosed by UK competition watchdog — Autocab stirs booking and accomplish software for the taxi and private-hire vehicle industry.

Startups, funding and venture capital

Coinbase is going public via direct roll — The company had given rise to over $540 million in funding as a private company.

Firehawk Aerospace gives seed funding to $ 2.5 M with $1.2 M from Harlow Capital — Firehawk has developed a new kind of hybrid rocket fuel that greatly improves rocket start safe, cost and transportation using additive manufacturing.

SoftBank earmarks $100 M for Miami-based startups — The fund will back fellowships that are in Miami or plan to move there.

Advice and analysis from Extra Crunch

Customer advisory boards are a gold mine for startup firebrand advocates — Some kindness to make certain your customer advisory board is a success.

Rising African venture investment strengths fintech, clean-living tech bets in 2020 — The Exchange looks at a report from Briter Aqueduct, a research group that focuses on Africa’s private capital market.

Subscription-based pricing is dead: Smart SaaS corporations are changing to usage-based simulations — That’s according to Open VP of Growth Kyle Povar.

( Extra Crunch is our membership planned, which promotions founders and startup crews get ahead. You can sign up here .)

Everything else

Johnson& Johnson’s COVID-1 9 vaccine is 85% effective against severe cases, and 66% effective overall per tribulation data — Johnson& Johnson’s vaccine is a single shot rather than a two-course treatment.

‘Frozen’ CG snow and crash-test corpses offer indications for 60 -year-old Russian mystery extinctions — New research applies simulation proficiencies from variou eras to advance what is perhaps the least implausible justification for a grievous mystery.

Reap big benefits when you attend both TC Early Stage 2021 happens — TechCrunch Early Stage is a two-day virtual bootcamp that sacrifices early benefactors access to leading experts.

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