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Daily Crunch: Facebook faces blistering civil rights audit

Auditors were not amazed by Facebook’s civil rights work, Tinder tests video chat and a new nasal spray could abbreviate the risk of COVID-1 9 transmission. Here’s your Daily Crunch for July 8, 2020.

The large-hearted narration: Facebook faces swelling civil rights audit

The results are out in a multi-year audit of Facebook’s coming to civil rights issues. In recent weeks, as the company has faced an advertiser boycott over some of these same matters, execs have pointed to the audit as a signal that it’s taking civil right concerns earnestly. But the findings aren’t exactly positive.

“While the audit process has been meaningful and has led to some significant improvements in the stage, we have also watched the company make agonizing decisions over the past nine months with real world outcomes that are serious disappointments for civil rights, ” wrote onetime ACLU director Laura W. Murphy and advocates from principle firm Relman Colfax.

Meanwhile, Facebook ministerials met with the leaders of the boycott yesterday, but it sounds like little progress was prepared, with Color of Change President Rashad Robinson criticizing the company for “expecting an A for attendance .”

The tech giants

Tinder now researching video chat in hand-picked sells, including US — The feature will allow Tinder consumers to go on virtual years when both of them opt-in( something that’s probably a lot more appealing during the current pandemic ).

Slack snags corporate directory startup Rimeto to up its beings pursuit game — With this acquisition, Slack could potentially improve the experience of searching for employees across a company.

Microsoft acquires Teams video cross less tiring with its new Together mode — Instead of presenting all the attendees as little squares, Together mode shows them sitting together in an auditorium. Even though it is voices silly, Microsoft says this is actually easier for the intelligence to process.

Startups, fund and venture capital

Permutive invokes $18.5 million to help publishers target ads in a brand-new privacy scenery — Rather than relying on third-party cookies, Permutive works a publisher’s first-party data to deliver more targeted ads.

Swiftmile invokes$ 5 million round led by Thayer Ventures for micromobility billing stations — Swiftmile induces blaming depots for electrical bikes and scooters, with 150 stations deployed throughout the United Commonwealth to date.

Harvard biomedical engineering prof to launch nasal spray that could increase COVID-1 9 dissemination probability — The product is called FEND, and the startup Sensory Cloud plans to release it in September.

Advice and analysis from Extra Crunch

What India’s TikTok prohibition means for China — Manish Singh discusses how a recent guild from the Indian government is shifting the market in favor of local companies.

As media revenue fights, subscription startups discover swelling — It’s not exactly a rosy picture for media startups, but there have been some promising subscription success stories.

Ford’s Bronco relaunch expresses the ability of nostalgia — Even if you don’t care about the Bronco, this week’s rollout has been a master class in how companies can use nostalgia for marketing.

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Everything else

Trump’s sudden reversal on student visas will be felt in Silicon Valley — With international students no longer allowed to stay in the U.S. if their universities move their routes entirely online, there could be a big impact on technical endowment and innovation.

The tech industry comes to clutches with Hong Kong’s national insurance rule — We interviewed a range of musicians to get a sense of what the new law will mean for internet freedom and entrepreneurship.

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