Daily Crunch: Bitcoin ‘is a big part of our future,’ says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

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Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 23, 2021. It’s been an interesting week for the crypto faithful. One eye-catching piece of bulletin came from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who said that bitcoin will be a “big part” of the company’s future. In his view it’s the internet’s “native currency.” Kinda? I would have picked a more modern chain, but that’s time me. — Alex

The TechCrunch Top 3

Indian IPOs are a start : After much selling and waiting, the Zomato IPO took flight in India to great upshot. Shares of the menu transmission unicorn became up crisply, distinguishing a successful flotation for the growth-oriented unicorn. For other luxuriously appraised Indian unicorns, it’s just about the best news that you could imagine. More, satisfy. Snap is very much not dead : Lost amidst all the Facebook and TikTok brouhaha is the fact that Snap is still growing its user base( some) and receipt proportion( more ). The firm still devours currency and has huge share-based compensation overheads, but it reported the sort of growth that satisfactions investors. So, up ran its shares. China cracks down on edtech : The changing climate for startups and tech whales in China made a new twisting this week when bulletin break that the Chinese Communist Party may force tutoring fellowships in the country to go nonprofit. That stumble a number of stocks, and, we presume, was a pretty bad day for the country’s larger edtech dare and startup ecosystem.

Startups/ VC

Paystand is building Venmo for businesses : Want to send a bloc of money as a company? The process can suck. Happily Paystand merely parent $50 million for its work on the matter. TechCrunch’s Christine Hall told Daily Crunch that she are caught up the round because the company is “not only taking on the business-to-business payment space, but is also utilizing blockchain technology as its engine.” Former Minter wants to be king : That’s our first read of the startup Monarch, founded by Val Agostino, who was the first PM at Mint.com. What does Monarch do? Helps folks finagle their fiscal futures. Sure, other companies do that, but almost all cases are debris. Have you used the Fidelity website lately? Lucid Motors detects the fragilities of republic:The EV company had to extend its voting deadline to approve its SPAC deal after not sufficient folks voted. Per TechCrunch, the “hiccup occurred on Thursday, when stockholders voted to approve all but one of project proposals as part of the merger.” That special part required more elects. Regardless, it now has the votes and will go public. And if you wanted to know what’s up with the Duolingo IPO, the Equity team has you reported.

Susan Su on how to approach rise as your startup parent each round

If you are methodical in your coming to building a larger customer base, it is not difficult to foster steady growth.

Marketers who transformation with whichever way the wind is blowing — or indiscriminately follow someone else’s sentiment of best rehearses — are less likely to be successful.

” The not-so-secret mystery here is that the key to huge retention is really simple ,” said increment professional Susan Su recently at TechCrunch Early Stage: Marketing and Fundraising.

” It is building a commodity that solves a real and peculiarly continue question for people .”

In a conversation with Managing Editor Eric Eldon, Su probed into several issues, including gratuities for how founders should discuss growth with their investors and her methods for developing a test qualitative rise model.

” I firmly believe that every benefactor should try their handwriting at growing ,” said Su.

Susan Su on how to approach proliferation as your startup conjures each round

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Big Tech Inc.

GM recalls the Bolt. Again : If you own a 2017 -to-2 019 -era Bolt, it may catch fire. So you’ll want to take part in the current recall. The first to happen since November of 2020 we hasten to add. Still the story underscores that EV tech is coming to maturity, even though they are some earlier struggles at such vehicles are riding the struggle bus. Taboola departs shopping : Fresh off its SPAC combination, Taboola announced that it is buying “Connexity, a marketing technology company that operates a retail- and e-commerce-focused advertising network” for $800 million. You can do this more easily if you are public. Buy things, that is. Shares in the online effluent provider were up sharply in today’s trading. Folks still consuming Tumblr not stoked that Tumblr craves a future : A few dates back Daily Crunch was generally positive about Tumblr’s move to introduce paywalls for authors who wanted them. Why not position the revered corporation toward the burgeoning pioneer economy and help kinfolks make a few horses? Well, consumers are pissed. It’s a rather standard internet mess, but that doesn’t make it any less befuddling.

TechCrunch Experts: Swelling Commerce

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We’re reaching out to startup founders to tell us who they turn to when they want the most up-to-date growth marketing practices. Fill out the results of the investigation here .

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Marketer: Jonathan Metrick, Portage Ventures

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Testimonial: “Jonathan was truly transformative at Policygenius. Prior to his arrival, we were running a smart but disjointed commerce campaign. Our messaging was inconsistent, and our approaching to understanding channel efficacy was weaker than it could have been. Jonathan created a swelling mindset to the team, and built a hypereffective org in a short amount of time.”

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