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CrunchMatch simplifies networking @ TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020

With just about one month until go-time, TC Sessions: Robotics+ AI 2020( March 3 in Berkeley, Calif .) is going to be a genuine powerhouse affair. Prepare to spend the day engaging with the leading innovators, makes and investors bent on shaping the future of these two game-changing technologies.

Don’t have a ticket hitherto? Beat the price hike at the door and book your ticket now.

Last year 1,500 attendees packed members of this house, and we’re on track to surpass that crowd come March. Talk about an opportunity for focused networking. Here’s more great information. CrunchMatch, TechCrunch’s free business match-making tool, going to be able to all attendees.

What can CrunchMatch do for you? Excellent question. It’s a curated, automated networking programme that enables you connect with beings based on your criteria, goals and interests. No more time spent chatting up the inaccurate people. No problem who you’re hoping to meet with — founders, investors, technologists, researchers or engineering students — CrunchMatch reaches networking a crowd as efficient and painless as possible.

Here’s how it wields. When CrunchMatch opens, you’ll get an email to sign-up. Fill out your chart listing your capacity( technologist, benefactor, investor, etc .) and the type of connections you want to make at the occasion. The CrunchMatch algorithm will get to work and suggest people to meet and even prepared appointments, which you can approve or decline.

You never know who you’ll meet at a TechCrunch phenomenon or where that connection might result. Wet your networking whistle with a look at some of the companies attending TC Sessions: Robotics+ AI 2020 😛 TAGEND

ABB Technology Ventures Amazon Ceres Robotics Inc Deloitte Facebook Google X Hyundai CRADLE John Deere LG Electronics Misty Robotics Silicon Valley Bank Stanford Toyota AI Ventures UC Berkeley Waymo

While you’re at it, check out our planned schedule for more than 17 renditions, including live robot demos, panel discussions, interviews and Q& As — where the public gets to ask speakers their most burning questions.

Oh, and one more game-changer. We’ve supplemented Pitch Night — a mini pitch-off competition that takes place the darknes before the conference starts.

TC Sessions: Robotics+ AI 2020 makes place on March 3, and with CrunchMatch at your place, you’ll network better than ever before. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a full date associate and participating with your community of movers, manufacturers and influencers. Buy your ticket today!

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TC Sessions: Robotics+ AI 2020? Contact our sponsorship sales squad by filling out this form.

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