Codagenix raises $20 million for a new flu vaccine and other therapies

Codagenix, a company developing inoculations and viral cares for healths arraying from the influenza and respiratory viruses to dengue fever has raised $ 20 million in a new round of financing.

The company’s brand-new investment round was led by Adjuvant Capital with additional participation from Euclidean Capital and Topspin Partners.

Codagenix will use the funds to support clinical development of its general influenza inoculation and the first RSV vaccine for elderly cases — who are more at risk to serious consequences from contracting the virus.

The company gives a engineering announced ” codon deoptimization” to stir versions of viruses and viral cares that are yielded relatively inoffensive by replacing more venomou pathogens with milder strains.

Codagenix said it will use the new financing to produce its RSV and flu inoculations through Phase 1 ordeals and move its oncology program for a breast cancer treatment into Phase 1 clinical visitations. It will too launch two brand-new inoculation improvement planneds for what the company called ” neglected public health challenges .”

“With the potential to develop optimized, more cheap versions of existing inoculations, Codagenix is poised to solve persistent public health challenges where existing inoculations have determined gargantuan improvements, but still fall short of hoped cancer controller objectives ,” said Glenn Rockman, managing marriage at Adjuvant Capital.” Similarly eliciting, the Codagenix technology has an opportunity to succeed where other immunization attempts have flunked. We are proud to be supporting the further clinical development of the company’s RSV and influenza programs.”

Founded as a spinout from Stony Brook University in New York in 2012, Codagenix has received backing from government institutions like the National Institute of Health, the Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Army for its dengue fever, flu, swine influenza, RSV, and food and mouth disease virus vaccines.

In all, the company has raised $ 38 million from private non-profits, venture capital investors and $11 million in federal funding.

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