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Clearview AI landed a new facial recognition contract with ICE

The contentious facial approval software maker Clearview AI has a new contract with ICE, the most controversial U.S. government agency. Clearview was already known to work with the diverge of Homeland Security intensely criticized for implementing the Trump administration’s harsh immigration policies. The brand-new contract makes it clear that relationship is ongoing — and that Clearview isn’t just playing a bit part in tech’s rewarding scrum for federal contracts.

First spotted by tech protector Tech Inquiry, the brand-new contract is worth $ 224,000 and will provide the agency with what is only described as” Clearview licenses ,” likely really access to the company’s software services. Harmonizing to the award notice, the funding office for the contract is Homeland Security Investigations( HSI ), a division within ICE which places emphasis on” cross-border criminal activity ,” including medicine and trafficking in human beings. Four firms contested for the contract.

Security lapse exposed Clearview AI source code

Clearview is no stranger to controversy. Its somewhat mysterious facial recognition software allows clients to upload a photo of anyone to cross-reference it against a massive database full of photos raked from online beginnings, including social networks. Civil liberties groups witness Clearview’s tech as a privacy ordeal, but for any law enforcement agency tasked with tracking down beings, it’s a dream come true.

Clearview has faced near-constant scrutiny from privacy counselors and even vast tech business since the placid busines was exposed in a report this January. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube have all deplored Clearview’s use of data cleaned from their scaffolds, with some of those companies even authoring cease-and-desist words for contravening their terms of service.

In May, the ACLU announced that it was suing Clearview over privacy irreverences. That suit holds the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act( BIPA ) against the company, the said law that previously obtained a $550 million village from Facebook on behalf of Illinois residents.

” Companies like Clearview will end privacy as we know it, and must be stopped ,” ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Nathan Freed Wessler said of the lawsuit.

Class action suit against Clearview AI cites Illinois law that overhead Facebook $550 M

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