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Classiq raises $10.5M Series A round for its quantum software development platform

Classiq, a Tel Aviv-based startup that aims to make it easier for computer scientists and developers to create quantum algorithms and applications, today announced that it has raised a $10.5 million Series A round led by Team8 Capital and Wing Capital. Entree Capital, crowdfunding stage OurCrowd and Sumitomo Corporation( through IN Venture) likewise participated in this round, which follows the company’s recent$ 4 million grain round to be provided by Entree Capital.

The idea behind Classiq, which currently has just under a dozen representatives on its team, is that developing quantum algorithms remains a major challenge.

” Today, quantum software evolution is almost an hopeless chore ,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO and Co-founder of Classiq.” The programme is at the gate level, with almost no abstraction at all. And on the other hand, for countless projects, that’s exactly what they want to do : come up with game-changing quantum algorithms. So we improved the next blanket of the quantum application stack, which is the layer of a computer-aided design, automation, synthesis. […] So you can design the quantum algorithm without being aware of the details and the entrance tier items are automated .”

Image Credits: Classiq

With Microsoft’s Q #, IBM’s Qiskit and their contestants, makes previously have access to quantum-specific communications and frameworks. And as Amir Naveh, Classiq’s VP of R& D “ve been told”, just like with those implements, makes will define their algorithms as code — in Classiq’s example a variant of Python. With those other languages, though, you will write sequences of doors on the cubits to define your quantum circuit.

” What you’re writing down isn’t entrances on cubits, the whole concept, its fabricates, its limitations — it’s always constraints on what you want the tour to achieve ,” Naveh showed.” And then the circuit is synthesized from such constraints. So in terms of the visual interface, it would look the same[ as exercising other structures ], but in terms of what’s going through your brain, it’s a entire different elevation of abstract, you’re describing the tour at a much higher level .”

This, he said, gives Classiq’s users the ability to more easily describe what they are trying to do. For now, though, that too be interpreted to mean that the platform’s users tend to be quantum squads and scientists and makes who are quantum professionals and understand how to develop quantum circuits at a very deep level. The squad quarrels, though, that as the technology gets better, makes will need to have less and less of an understanding of how the actual qubits behave.

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