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China Roundup: Ant Financial’s new boss and Tencent’s army of new apps

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China Roundup, a accept of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to parties in the wider world. This week, we are looking at what Ant Financial’s administration shakeup could give to Alibaba’s fiscal affiliate and why Tencent has gone on an app-launching spree.

Return of the old-time boss

This week, Ant Financial, the online financial services companionship, 33% of which is owned by Alibaba and controlled by Jack Ma, announced Hu Xiaoming as its brand-new united states president. Management reshuffles aren’t rare at Alibaba, which respects itself on rotating ministerials every few months to stay fresh and agile in a competitive environment. The recent reshuffle is serve some clues to where Ant, the world’s most valuable private fintech corporation, is headed in the coming years.

Hu will take the lead in developing Ant’s domestic remittances and financial services units while his precede and current chairperson Eric Jing will manage overseas stretch and development of new technologies. Having succeeded at various major Chinese banks, Hu assembled Alibaba in 2005 to expand the firm’s budding financial services and has since been ascribed with helping Ant identify tracks to monetization.

Around 2009, Hu made a bold move to initiate a microloan service targeted at tiny and medium sized vendors on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform. It was a boon to millions of sellers who otherwise would not be able to borrow from traditional financing institutions because they lacked banking history. Instead, Alibaba assessed their creditworthiness based on digital records, such as online marketings and client ratings. Today, big lends are just one of the many offerings from Ant’s ever-expanding business empire, which too controls the billion-user Alipay pays app, the world’s largest money market money and credit-rating system Sesame Credit.

In 2014, the storied manager was assigned to lead Alibaba’s gloom business and later grew it into one of the firm’s fastest-growing segments and a serious contender to Amazon Web Business. Hu was no stranger to Alibaba Cloud, which had already been working to introduce shadow calculating to the fintech unit’s existing IT environments( in Chinese ). In fact, most of Alibaba Cloud’s early employments happened internally at Alibaba as the company felt the urgency to develop an IT organization that was more scalable and customizable than most large international vendors could provide.

Under Hu’s helm, the gloom arm affect a major deal with the government of Hangzhou,Alibaba’s hometown in Eastern China, to ease traffic congestion using data analytics and cloud estimating solutions. Government contracts are an important lever for businesses developing costly state-of-the-art engineerings, for as soon as an innovation is proven in practice, private requirement will pick up over time.

Hu Xiaoming, brand-new CEO of Alibaba’s financial affiliate Ant Financial( Ant Financial via Weibo)

Hu’s experience with commercializing new technologies and cooperating with state authorities forms him the ideal leader of Ant at a critical time. Last year, Ant’s highly envisioned IPO programs were pushed back supposedly because Beijing worried the private firm had amassed too much influence . To allay concerns among regulators and big banks, Ant has in recent times swiveled to focus more on selling technology mixtures rather than financial services, per se.

Social networking feeling

Tencent has propelled at least seven new social networking apps since the beginning of 2019. Each comes with a slightly different focus, whether it’s targeting college student or specializing in video-based chatting. Industry spectators said Tencent realise these moves to defend challengers, peculiarly ByteDance of which TikTok( or Douyin in China) has made the nations of the world by whirlwind. Although short videos don’t directly compete with Tencent’s messengers WeChat, they certainly are destroying more of people’s screen hour. And there are signs that ByteDance is usurping on Tencent’s core groceries after the upstart propagandized into video games and messaging.

Tencent might also worry about WeChat’s slowing growth. The slowdown is in part attributed to the app’s already gigantic cornerstone — more than 1 billion monthly users — so increment has inevitably cooled. WeChat applied Tencent a timely improve at the start of the mobile internet revolution when QQ, Tencent’s messenger that dominated China’s PC epoch, had construed the working day. Now Tencent appears to be in need of a brand-new growth locomotive, be it a groundbreaking piece of WeChat to rejuvenate the app or a brand new social network to replicate the success of WeChat and QQ.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Tencent, like all other large internet business in China, is always testing brand-new commodities to meet shifting countrysides in the tech industry. Tencent is famous for pitting different departments against each other in what it calls an internal “horse race,” which spawned WeChat virtually 10 years ago. In most cases, these projects failed to catch on, but the cost of constructing new apps is negligible for a behemoth like Tencent because much of the development process has been standardized. All it needs is a skunkworks team of a dozen hires, ideally foreman by a utopian such as WeChat’s Allen Zhang.

Also usefulnes your attention

Nvidia, the chipmaker knows we its GPUs, is already working with some 370 automakers, tier-1 suppliers, developers and researchers in the field of autonomous driving. This week to its family of collaborators it computed China’s largest ride-hailing company, Didi Chuxing. Together the pair will work on developing GPUs for Didi’s Level 4 autonomous automobiles( which can operate under basic situations without human intervention ), the companies said in a statement. Didi, which peeled its autonomous driving legion into a separate company in August, said last month( in Chinese) at an manufacture powwow that it had plans to soon begin testing autonomous vehicles travelling along Shanghai streets.

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