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PortalOne raises $15M from Atari and more for a new hybrid gaming/TV show app

Gaming and streamed video ought to have two of the biggest pastime wins during the last year+ of pandemic living. Today a startup that has created an app that accompanies those two leisure formats together is announcing a illustrious seed round of funding as it prepares to come out of closed beta. PortalOne, a composite […]

MoviePass co-founder’s PreShow Interactive raises $3M to expand into gaming

PreShow Interactive is giving gamers a brand-new highway to earn in-game currency in exchange for watching ads — a thought that’s become familiar in mobile competitions but hasn’t really made much headway on PCs or consoles. The startup is led by MoviePass’ founding CEO Stacy Spikes. When I spoke to Spikes about PreShow 2 years […]

Digital comics startup Madefire is shutting down

R.I.P. Madefire, a startup that recruited high-profile craftsmen to reinvent comics for brand-new formats and platforms. An announcement on the Madefire website states the company entered into” an naming of benefit for creditors”( showed as” a state-level insolvency proceeding similar to bankruptcy “) earlier this month, which was then reported this morning in The Beat. […]

Google Wants To Put Nest Hubs Into Hotel Rooms

If you’ve ever been to a hotel in the past few years, you might have noticed how some inns have been upgraded to become “smarter”. This can come in the form of features like tablets, where clients can use the tablet to control various appliances like the light-footeds, play music, named an alarm, control the […]

15 Actionable Examples of Fashion Marketing

From high fashion to a terrible sense of way, wherever we fell off the range, pattern market comes our style online, on television, catalogs, posters, window shopping, and more. We are attacked with sends of what we should be wearing, and why. If you’re on the marketing or auctions back of fad, how do you […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 Unpacked

Today, Samsung has launched the latest Galaxy Book laptops, with the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. The overarching idea behind these laptops is the increased integration with Samsung smartphones and smart-alecky devices. Samsung’s ambition to create a tighter ecosystem that ultimately superpowers a better user know-how isn’t brand-new, but it looks like […]

How to Use Amazon Posts to Promote Your Products

If you’re serious about digital marketing, you’ve likely squander tens of thousands of dollars on testing, experimenting, and workshopping only to find that you simply aren’t reaching your target audience. That’s where Amazon Posts comes in. Amazon is doing more than really integrating social with online retail. Their Posts initiative reimagines what social media marketing […]

How to Create Mobile First PPC Ads

Marketers are likely to use desktop computers to create and deploy paid advertising campaign, so we may be primary to design with a desktop used in mind. With so many beings squandering mobile designs, nonetheless, the chances of people viewing those ads on portable machines are high. By taking a mobile firstly ppc approach, you […]

UK’s IoT ‘security by design’ law will cover smartphones too

Smartphones will be included in the scope of a proposed” insurance by design” U.K. law aimed at beefing up the security of consumer maneuvers, the government said today. It cleared the notice in its response to a consultation on legislative programs aimed at tackling some of the most lax security practices long-associated with the Internet […]

Here’s everything Oculus showed off at its VR gaming showcase

Oculus Quest and Rift headset owneds have spate to look forward to over the next several months if Wednesday’s Oculus Gaming Showcase is any indication. Oculus put together its first dedicated gaming testify on April 21, foreground several brand-new virtual reality competitions and informs to existing plays. The Quest 2 headset, released in 2020, was […]

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