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Archive Category: Gadgets

Step up your golf game with these gadgets on sale for President’s Day

Sadly, it can’t always be golf season. Even if you live in a place with the same climate year-round, Mother Nature likes to throw curveballs. So at some top, you’ll be sitting( im) patiently indoors, awaiting another warm, pleasant day. Rather than letting your time go to waste, you might as well work on improving […]

30 kitchen tools and gadgets on sale for President’s Day weekend

With your busy lifestyle, we’re sure it can be pretty challenging to cook a decent banquet for yourself on the regular. But maybe the sole reason why it’s hard to prep dinners is that you shortage the tools and inventions to make good food in the first place. And it’s time to change that. In […]

Ubisoft’s Prince Of Persia Is Back As A VR Escape Room

The last-place experience we identified a Prince of Persia title was back in 2008. This means that it has been 12 times since a new Prince of Persia game was liberated. The semi-good news is that Ubisoft hasn’t perfectly abandoned the dealership hitherto because the company has since announced a brand-new Prince of Persia VR […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini Is Now Available, Sort Of

galaxy home miniAccording to the rumors and reports, Samsung was expected to officially announce the availability of the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker at its Unpacked event. That did not happen, but it seems that the speaker is actually now available, although not exactly in the way that many of us imagined. In a report […]

Nearly 70% of US smart speaker owners use Amazon Echo devices

Amazon’s prevailing orientation in the U.S. smart talker sell will continue through this year and the next, with challengers like Google and Apple only preparing insignificant dents in Amazon Echo market share, according to a report published today by eMarketer. The consultant conglomerate guess Amazon will easily hold onto its top spot through 2021, when […]

Amazon Leads The Smart Speaker Market, And Google Isn’t Even Close

Smart loudspeakers have been around for a few years now, and we have to give Amazon credit for various kinds of knocking it off. While digital deputies aren’t new, Amazon made a very smart move early on by opening up Alexa to third-party developers, thus allowing them to flood the market with smart speakers. As […]

Samsung skips nine numbers, announces the Galaxy S20

The world will likely never recognize the Galaxy S1 1. Or the Galaxies S12-S19, for that are important. At an phenomenon this morning in San Francisco, Samsung announced that it was skipping a decade’s worth of handsets and starting directly to the Galaxy S2 0. The new flagship debuted onstage today, in three flavors: the […]

Tear Jerking Video Shows A Mom Reuniting With Her Deceased Daughter Thanks To VR

Most of us probably is of the view that virtual reality( VR) is applicable for gaming, but in reality, it can be used for so many other things. One of the things we probably did not foresee is how VR could be used to allow family members and loved ones say a final goodbye to […]

8 of the best Amazon devices in the UK

We’re not sure whether you’re familiar with Amazon, but it’s this online marketplace that sells a assortment of various types of produces. It’s not a big deal, but it has a hand in e-commerce, logistics, equipment, media, and a few other things. You’ve probably never come across the site before, but it’s worth checking out. […]

Philips Hue Bulbs Had A Security Flaw That Allowed Hackers To Remotely Control It

If there is one problem with countless smart dwelling manoeuvres is that how lock they are depends from machine to device. This is because at the moment, “there hasnt” standardized protection amongst these devices, and as such, it’s not startling to learn from time to time that a smart-alecky home design could be compromised. Such […]

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