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Biden proposes ARPA-H, a health research agency to ‘end cancer’ modeled after DARPA

In a joint address to Congress last darknes, President Biden updated the society on vaccination efforts and summarized his administration’s ambitious goals.

Biden’s firstly 100 epoches ought to have characterized by sweeping legislative packages that could be used to raising thousand of Americans out of poverty and slow the clock on the climate crisis, but during his first seam address to Congress, the president highlighted another smaller project that’s no less grandiose: to “end cancer as we know it.”

” I can think of no more worthy investment, ” Biden said Wednesday night. “I know of nothing that is more bipartisan …. It’s within our supremacy to make love .”

The observes weren’t out of the blue. Earlier this month, the White House released a plan solicit for $6.5 billion to open a new government agency for breakthrough state investigate. The proposed health busines would be called ARP-AH and would live within the NIH. The initial focus would be on cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, but the agency would also pursue other “transformational innovation” that could remake state research.

Healthcare is the next billow of data liberation

The $6.5 billion speculation is a piece of the full $51 billion NIH fund. But some pundits conceive that ARP-AH should sit under the Department of Health and Human Business rather than being nested under NIH.

ARP-AH would be modeled after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency( DARPA ), which develops moonshot-like tech for protection employments. DARPA’s goals often sound more like science fiction than discipline, but the agency contributed to or developed a number of now ubiquitous technologies, including a predecessor to GPS and most famously ARPANET, the computer network that develop into the modern internet.

Unlike more conservative, incremental research teams, DARPA aggressively pursues major scientific advances in a way that shares more in common with Silicon Valley than it does with other governmental agencies. Biden believes that using the DARPA model on cutting edge health research would keep the U.S. from lagging behind in biotech.

“China and non-eu countries are closing in fast, ” Biden said during the address. “We have to develop and reign the products and technological sciences of the future: boosted artilleries, biotechnology, computer chips and clean energy.”

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