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Commission Bullseye is a Wordpress plugin that lets you place geo targeted content on your blog.  Display Amazon ads for multiple countries, show certain content or ads to targeted locations and more. 

Published by : TechMatters

The case for autonomous leadership in the remote workplace

While the temptation to monitor work-from-home works is real, rulers who furnish more freedom are having little trouble with the transition. As utopian as he was, Thomas Edison probably didn’t foresee the Big Brother deductions of video surveillance when he premiered the Kinetograph, a primitive movie camera, back in 1891. And he certainly couldn’t have […]

Salesforce names Vlocity founder David Schmaier CEO of new Salesforce Industries division

When Salesforce announced it was acquiring Vlocity for $1.33 billion in February, it was a deal that became smell for both companies. Today, the company announced that the lot has closed and Vlocity CEO David Schmaier has been reputation CEO of a new division called Salesforce Industries. Vlocity has built several industry-specific CRM implements such […]

Our grimdark meathook cyberpunk now

Jon Evans Contributor Jon Evans is the CTO of the engineering consultancy HappyFunCorp; the award-winning author of six tales, one graphic story, and a book of expedition writing; and TechCrunch’s weekend columnist since 2010. More uprights by this donor Living and working in a decline life Why are people who cite videos ever wrong ? […]

Singapore’s micromobility startup Beam raises $26 million

Beam, a Singapore-headquartered micromobility firm that offers shared e-scooters, had given rise to $ 26 million in a brand-new financing round as it gazes to expand its footprint in Korea, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Sequoia India and Hana Ventures headed the two-and-a-half-year-old startup’s Series A financing round, while several more investors from Asia […]

Here’s how Silicon Valley can avoid Detroit’s fate

America’s carmakers seemed to be an unstoppable pressure until innovation proceeded world. There’s still experience for the U.S. tech industry to adjust for these times. In the 1950 s, the cutting-edge technology of the day was automobiles , not computers. At the time, Detroit was on top of the world. The top three world automobile […]

How To Check Your Laptop’s Battery Health

While lithium-ion artilleries are one of the most commonly-used types of artilleries in our electronic devices, the problem with them is that over go they will lose their charge. Every battery has a set number of charges that over epoch and due to other environmental influences, they will lose their charge and will eventually stop […]

3 bearish takes on the current edtech boom

Edtech is booming, but a short while ago, many companies in the two categories were struggling to break through as mainstream gives. Now, it seems like everyone is clamoring to get into the next seed-stage startup that has the word “remote learning” on its About page. And so begins the normal cycle that occurs when […]

Dishcraft Robotics is using robots to save reopening restaurants from creating more waste

Dishcraft Robotics has a simple pitch to corporate kitchens and restaurants that are capable of save tons of single employ plastic , non-compostable takeout containers, dishware and cutlery from intention up landfills. Use its cleaning service that will drop off all the clean, reusable dishware and cutlery a diner or corporate kitchen is probably need […]

A massive database of 8 billion Thai internet records leaks

Thailand’s largest cell structure AIS has drawn a database offline that was spilling billions of real-time internet records on millions of Thai internet users. Security researcher Justin Paine said in a blog post that he found the database, containing DNS queries and Netflow data, on the internet without a password. With access to this database, […]

UK government reverses course on Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks

Conservative members of the United Kingdom’s government have pushed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to draw up plans to remove telecom equipment made by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei from the nation’s 5G structures by 2023, according to multiple reports. The decision by Johnson, who wanted Huawei’s market share in the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure capped at 35 […]

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