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Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Could Soon Become A Reality

When it comes to augmented reality( AR) located wearables, we’ve mainly seen them come in the form of smart glasses. Nonetheless, their own problems with such devices is that they’re big-hearted and sometimes a bit bulky, seeing them something you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear all the time.

However, the folks at Mojo Vision could have the answer to that difficulty as the company has recently announced that they have created augmented reality contact lenses. What this conveys is that in the future, customers will not need to rely on bulky glasses for their augmented actuality needs when they can precisely slip the contact lenses on their hearts and they’re good to go.

At the moment, the current iteration of the contact lens is wired and needs to be connected to an external battery bundle, although to be fair, this was a prototype shown off at CES. Nonetheless, the company expects that in the future, it could be wireless as the power source could eventually get integrated into the lens.

The company also visualizes that these contact lenses could be used for medical intents. It is unclear when the lenses will actually be launched commercially as it is still pending approval from the FDA, but for now, it sounds most promising.

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