As Palantir preps IPO, a look back at its growth history

Yesterday evening Palantir, the quasi-secretive data mining and analysis firm, publicly announced that it has privately filed to go public.

The disclosure came in the wake of Palantir raising new asset, taking on hundreds of millions of dollars before its planned public render. Harmonizing to Crunchbase data, Palantir has raised billions while private, uttering its entry a marquee circumstance in the worlds to new technologies, startups and venture capital.

As TechCrunch reported yesterday, Palantir has a contentious concoction record, including helping set immigrants for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, connecting databases for intelligence agencies and recently winning no-bid contracts to gather data about the COVID-1 9 pandemic for the White House Pandemic Task Force.

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The company’s filing comes after a long incubation period; it’s been 17 years since Palantir’s founding in 2003. Since then, its reported business carry-on and fundraising autobiography has now become sufficiently convoluted that I couldn’t tell you this morning how large-scale the company really is or how much it elevated before its most recent investment.

Palantir’s reported biography

To prep us for its eventual public IPO filing, let’s go back in time and collect data points from Palantir’s reported biography. This way where reference is do get the company’s S-1 filing, we’ll better understand what we’re looking at.

Even with corporations that aren’t privacy self-conscious, it can be hard to craft a thorough autobiography of their business activities from when they were private. With Palantir, it’s even trickier.

Still, reclining on more than a decade of TechCrunch reporting, Crunchbase data, other publications and, what follows is a acceptable look at what has been reported about Palantir through time.

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