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Apple Wants People To Stop Bumping Into Real World Objects While Using VR

We’ve all learnt those entertaining videos where people are so caught up while exerting virtual reality( VR) that they end up precipitating over, tripping over wires, or bumping into real world objects. While funny to watch, it can actually be pretty dangerous and Apple has come up with a organization that they are able to hopefully prevent it in the future.

This is according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider in which the company has created a VR system that can determine the distance between itself and a physical real world object. Given that Apple once utilizes AR to help iPhone users measure distance and object features squandering their phones, this actually doesn’t seem like a stretch of the imagination.

According to the patent, “The virtual reality device further determines whether the manoeuvre has come within a( first) doorstep distance to a physical object of a physical environment. If the manoeuvre regulates it is too close to the physical object, the machine exposes a visual gist in the virtual reality environment alerting the user to the presence of a nearby physical obstacle.”

The patent goes on to describe that if consumers continue to ignore the threats, a live video feed which then be switched on to allow users to see what’s around them so that they can stop themselves from either crashing into their TVs or tripping over a chair.

Apple Wants People To Stop Bumping Into Real World Objects While Using VR

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