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Apple reportedly working on satellite technology for direct wireless iPhone data transmission

Apple is said to be working on spacecraft technology, having hired a number of aerospace engineers to assemble a crew along with satellite and feeler designers, according to a brand-new report from Bloomberg. The report notes that this is an early-stage secret project that could still be scrapped, but that the purpose of the team and its work is to potentially develop communications satellite technology that can send and receive data directly to user maneuvers, including the iPhone, in a bid to make it possible to connect Apple machines without the need of a third-party network.

Bloomberg says that Apple won’t consequently be constructing its own satellite hardware — it is unable to instead be developing exactly the transfer maneuvers or ground-based equipment to make use of data transmissions for orbital communications equipment. The tech could be used for actually delivering data immediately to Apple manoeuvres, or it could just connect them to each other independent of a cellphone carrier data network. It also could be used to provide more accurate location services for better maps and counseling, the report says.

Apple is said to have hired both executives and operators from the aerospace and satellite manufacture, including Skybox Imaging alumni Michael Trela and John Fenwick, who are conducting the team. These two formerly thoughts up Google’s satellite and spacecraft discord. New hires include former Aerospace Corporation executive Ashley Moore Williams, as well as key the staff members of the wireless networking and content-delivery network industries.

The idea of provisioning a data network from cavity direct to designs seems nonsensical on its face — most data communications satellites compel communication with ground stations that then relay information with end-point inventions. But it’s not an unheard-of concept, and in fact we wrote earlier this year about Ubiquitilink( now Lynk ), a company that’s focused on building a new various kinds of low-grade Earth orbit communications satellite constellation that can communicate immediately with phones.

Lynk’s initial aims spell out what a supplementary direct satellite communication network could add on top of regular iPhone carrier service: The startup company is expected to essentially stipulate world roaming with a linkage stage that is likely isn’t anywhere near as fast as you’d come from a ground-based network, but is usable for communication at least — and not is dependant on neighbourhood infrastructure. It also could act as a redundant fallback that ensures no matter what your main network status, you’ll ever is the possibility of do less data-intensive enterprises, like texting and calling.

While there’s obviously a lot of uncharteds remaining in what Apple is working on or what it will eventually amount to, if something, it’s very interesting to consider the possibility that it could volunteer a grade of always-on connectivity that’s wrap with iPhones and available even when your primary network is not, that proposals long-lasting be made available to features like iMessage, utter calls and navigation — leaving streaming and other data-intensive employments to your standard carrier pace plan.

Read more: feedproxy.google.com

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