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Apple, Amazon, Google & Zigbee Team Up For An Open Smart Home Standard

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Zigbee Alliance are teaming up to form a new working group that aims to develop an open standard for smart residence devices.

The new working group is also referred to as “Project Connected Home over IP“. You can also find a dedicated website for that.

Basically, with this new working group, these tech whales are trying to develop a common connectivity standard which can be used for all the smart home devices.

With this open standard, the manoeuvres will be easily compatible with each other no matter how different the latter are. This working group also aims to develop the standard with an open-source approach.

So, all companies involved can contribute their share of technologies to meet the open standard as strong as is practicable while being free and royalty-free.

Not just for the consumers, this will likewise cure manufacturers to expand compatibility easily. For speciman, the manufacturers can make a device that is compatible with all the digital auxiliaries( Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and others) exercising the open standard.

Technically, it will define a specific named of IP-based networking engineerings for design certification.

In the press release by Apple, they also mentioned that Zigbee Alliance board member firms such as IKEA, Legrand, NXP Semiconductors, Resideo, Samsung SmartThings, Schneider Electric, Signify( formerly Philips Lighting ), Silicon Labs, Somfy, and Wulian will be also contributing to the project.

Apple, Amazon, Google& Zigbee Team Up For An Open Smart Home Standard, original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and calls of use.

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