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Announcing the final agenda for TC Sessions: Space 2020

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December 11, 2020

Announcing the final agenda for TC Sessions: Space 2020

TC Sessions: Space is happening this December 16 and 17 — our first-ever dedicated cavity occasion. This is a live, virtual two-day conference peculiarity the most important people in the space industry, across public, private and defense.

We’re thrilled to be hosting NASA’s head of the Human Spaceflight Office Kathryn Lueders, Rocket Lab CEO and founder Peter Beck, U.S. Space Force Chief of Space Running General Jay Raymond, Lockheed Martin VP and head of civil space curricula Lisa Callahan and many more. In addition to the firesides and panel discussions of the virtual theatre, the occasion will also include networking, startup exhibitions and the chance to connect with attendees from around the world.

Below, you’ll find the official, final agenda for TC Sessions: Space . It’s a jam-packed two days already, but we’ve also contributed a full slate of exhibitions from “the worlds leading” accelerators and funding programs in the industry. You’ll learn how to access grant money and even schedule individual appointments with representatives from each program.

If you want to be a part of this event, you can grab a ticket to get exclusive access to watch these times live( with access to video on necessitate ), network with the inventors changing the opening manufacture, discover the hottest early-stage companies, learn how to score gifts for your cavity companionship, draft expertise or even find a job with air tickets for exactly $175. And we have discounts available for purposes of groups, students, and active military/ public service employees.

Agenda Wednesday, December 16

Asteroid Rocks and Moon Landings with Lisa Callahan( Lockheed Martin Space)

From robots scooping rockets from the surface of galaxy-traveling asteroids, to preparing for the return of the human rights to the surface of the moon, we’ll cover all aspects of scientific and civil exploration of the solar system.

From Space Rock Returns to Financial Returns- An Investor Panel with Chris Boshuizen( DCVC ), Mike Collett( Promus Ventures) and Tess Hatch( Bessemer Venture Partners ).

Some investors invest a lot of their era looking to the stars for the next venture capital opportunity. It’s a market unlike any other, but does that deepen the math on equity-based investment?

Building Up a Business Looking Down at Earth with Payam Banazadeh( Capella Space ), Peter Platzer( Spire Global) and Rafal Modrzewski( ICEYE)

Hear how Earth observation is one of the real moneymakers in the infinite category and what’s ahead for the industry.

Founders in Focus- Kayhan Space

We sit down with the founders positioned to be the next big-hearted disruptors in the cavity industry. Now we chit-chat with Araz Feyzi, co-founder and CTO of Kayhan Space, which provides situational awareness to satellite operators.

Sourcing Tech for Securing Space with Lt. General John Thompson( United Regime Space Force)

Lt. General Thompson is responsible for fostering an ecosystem of non-traditional space startups and the future of Space Force possessions, all to the end goal of protecting the global commons of space. He’ll talk about what the U.S. “re looking for” in startup partnerships and emerging tech, and how it works with these young companies.

Launching a Launch Startup with Tim Ellis( Relativity Space ), Chris Kemp( Astra) and Mandy Vaughn( Vox Space)

The launch business is booming, but besides SpaceX and Rocket Lab, there isn’t anyone far enough along to truly capitalize in terms of brand-new seat startups. We’ll talk to the founders of fellowships hoping to be next in line.

Founders in Focus- Firehawk Aerospace

We sit down with the founders poised to be the next large-scale disruptors in the opening manufacture. Now we chitchat with Will Edwards, CEO of Firehawk Aerospace, a usage rocket engine motif and manufacturing company.

Crafting the Kuiper Constellation with Dave Limp( Amazon)

Amazon is set to create its own world-wide constellation of LEO satellites- a very different type of gadget from what Amazon SVP of Device& Assistance Dave Limp is used to overseeing. He’ll tell us how Project Kuiper fits in with Amazon’s gloriou plans.

Bridging Two Eras of Human Spaceflight with Kathryn Lueders( NASA)

When Kathryn Lueders started working at NASA in 1992, it was the meridian of the Space Shuttle era. As she begins her leadership of the Human Spaceflight Office this year, a new and arousing epoch has only just begun. Lueders will discuss the possibilities and challenges of the new systems and technologies that are able to gave the first both women and the next worker on the surface of the Moon … and perhaps Mars.

Thursday, December 17

The TechCrunch Desk

Hang with us at the TechCrunch Desk to catch up on what you may have missed from across the show and a preview of what’s to come.

Public-Private Partnerships in the Domain of Space Defense with General Jay Raymond( United Country Space Force)

Hear from the is chairman of the U.S. Space Force what it takes to secure an entirely new war-fighting domain, and how the newest chapter of the U.S. military will be looking to private industry to make it happen.

From Idea to Orbit with Peter Beck( Rocket Lab)

Rocket Lab to expeditiously become one of the most sought-after launch providers in the world countries. Founder and CEO Peter Beck will discuss the company’s coming to moving space more accessible, from cheaper, faster launches to its new planet platform.

Founders in Focus- Skyroot

We sit down with the founders positioned to be the next big-hearted disruptors in the space industry. Here we chitchat with Pawan Chandana, co-founder and CEO of Skyroot, who is hoping to shape spaceflight as regular, reliable and economical as airflight.

Bridging Today and Tomorrow’s Tech with Meagan Crawford( SpaceFund) and J. Christopher Moran( Lockheed Martin Ventures)

Corporate VC funds are a key root of investment for gap startups, in part because they often involve partnerships that facilitate generate revenue as well, and because they understand the timelines involved. We’ll talk about how they fit in with more standard speculation to supremacy the ecosystem.

How to Get the United states air force to Buy Your Stuff with Will Roper( United Country United states air force)

We’ll be talking about the best ways to understand what the United states air force needs and how to sell it to them.

Networking Break

With our virtual stage, attendees can network via video chat, dedicating tribes the chance to shape meaningful associates. CrunchMatch, our algorithmic coincide product, will be available to ensure you’re fulfill the right people at the reveal, as well as random joining for attendees who are feeling more adventurous.

Founders in Focus- Bluefield Technologies

We sit down with the founders poised to be the next large-scale disruptors in the infinite industry. Here we chit-chat with Yotam Ariel, co-founder of Bluefield Technologies, a startup providing satellite-based releases data.

Ground Control to Major Tom with John Gedmark( Astranis ), Ben Longmeir( Swarm Technologies) and Mina Mitry( Kepler Communications)

Data connectivity and communications are key to business space monetization and the strategic plans for further space exploration and improvement. Hear from the key players about the district of play in the industry.

In Space, No One Can Change Your Oil- Yet with Lucy Condrakchian( Maxar Technologies ), Daniel Faber( Orbit Fab) and Ron Lopez( Astroscale)

Once a spacecraft is in orbit, it’s on its own- but what if it could be refueled, repaired, refurbished and, if necessary, retired? This committee will discuss how in-space operations could upend today’s engineering and business models.

Living and Working in Space with Amir Blachman( Axiom Space ), Janet Kavandi( Sierra Nevada Corporation ), Nujoud Merancy( NASA ), and Melodie Yashar( SEArch +)

We’re on the verge of propagandizing the boundaries of space exploration to brand-new, more sustainable statures. From grandiose commercial-grade orbital habitats, to cosmonauts getting ready for longer tours to the moon and beyond, find out what it takes to make extended cavity keeps a reality.

If you’re interested in a sponsored speaking opportunity to join the stage with these awesome orators, contact us now to speak with someone from our sales team!

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