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FIRST episode of ANIMALS vs BIKERS, in this episode you will see all various kinds of swine starting after bikers, we are adding ourselves to explain some situations.

Original videos with owners allows:
FIRST -MotoRee- GSXS-1 000 Deer Encounter Angeles Crest Highway – https :// watch? v= ZNpBQ-KfnUM
0:23 -Tbilisi Night Riders- Crazy Cow Attacking Motorcycle – https :// watch? v =D csGANjYOjk,
& https :// stabiliz/? hl= en
0:29 -Le Gremlins du 13 – ANGRY BULL vs everybody else – https :// watch? v= kmh7JR 5iPUY
1:48 -Dagnius- Dog vs Biker – https :// watch? v= OfpKs-XMd0w
2:17 -Cruising with Capps- Small rabbit runs infront of bikers – https :// watch? v= upmeM7RTYF 0
2:32 -shane smith- Kangaroos hit on dirtbike Honda 250 c – https :// watch? v= zq5wPTN7byo
2:51 -Mr. BikerInBlack- Motorcycle stumbles moo-cow !! – https :// watch? v= Am1R06__nqQ
3:13 -Kithadi Kiran- A Big Snake on Road Bike Ride – https :// watch? v= SNdIzsuF-t8
3:237 -Cars, Costs and Technology- Dirt Bike Rider Attacked by Dog! – https :// watch? v= c9Zae1py1Us
3:38 -Sheff Moto- Bird affects bicycle but fails – https :// watch? v= AR0qgr7dwOM
3:46 -Anton Antov- Cow attacks motorbike – https :// watch? v= 1ESQVU19ZlQ
3:54 -Prakash Panchal- Monkey Attacks Man on Motorcycle – https :// watch? v= WMCpwr7jZKM
4:14 -Enduro 4Fun- some of my animal encounters – https :// watch? v =d vmHJipSHTc
5:00 -Crumpet3 000 – Motocross VS snake – https :// watch? v= CG5IHPB7ptw
5:20 -Motorcycle Rides and Rock& Roll- “Custer National Park” wild Buffalo’s -South Dakota- – https :// watch? v= L3WC1uqQFWI
5:44 -6 7Sepultura67- DEER VS ATV – https :// watch? v= o1PjZWhImdQ
6:32 -Jorgenson Outdoors- Guy goes child moose off snowmobile trail! – https :// watch? v= Wp0gX32RMY8
7:24 -Justin Credible- HIT BY A BIRD! – https :// watch? v= GOffrwEHZPA
7:47 -Daschickenify- DOGS just wanted to chase motorcycle – https :// watch? v= HbZ3wkaGl 9w
9:11 -Hjelmcam Troms- Motorcycle helmet VS Bird – https :// watch? v= vKIjn4ZpQWQ& ab_channel= HjelmcamTroms

We do not spur specific actions contained in this episode !!! Ride Safe!

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Instagram: https :// dirtbike_lunatic/

DirtBike Lunatic 2021

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