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Ancestry lays off 6% of staff as consumer genetic testing market continues to decline

Excitement in the consumer genetic testing market continues to show signs of slowing down.

In the past two weeks layoffs have thumped two of the biggest consumer genetic testing works — 23 andme and Ancestry — with the latter announcing that it would lash its personnel by 6% earlier on the day, in a blog affix.

CNBC first reported the story.

In her blogpost announcing the layoffs, Ancestry chief executive Margo Georgiadis wrote 😛 TAGEND

… over the last 18 months, we have seen a slowdown in consumer demand across the entire DNA category. The DNA busines is at an intonation item now that most early adopters have entered the category. Future growth will require a continued focus on building consumer trust and innovative new furnishes that deliver even greater value to people. Ancestry is well positioned to lead that innovation to inspire additional inventions in both Family history and Health.

Today we concluded targeted changes to better position our business to these marketplace worlds. These are difficult decisions and impact 6 percentage of our workforce. Any modifications that affect our parties are made with the utmost care. We’ve done so in service to sharpening our focus and investment on our core Family history the enterprises and the long-term opportunity with AncestryHealth.

The move from Ancestry follows occupation reductions at 23andMe in late January, which identified 100 staffers lose their jobs( or roughly 14% of its workforce.

The genetic testing company Illumina has been warning of softness in the direct to purchaser genetic testing market, as Business Insider reported last August .

” We have previously based our DTC expectations on client prognosis, but opened unanticipated grocery softness, we are taking an even more cautious scene of the opportunity in the near-term ,” the company’s united states president Francis deSouza said in a second fourth earnings call.

Consumers seem to be waking up to the privacy concerns over how genetic tests can be used.

” You can offset your credit card. You can’t alter your DNA ,” Matt Mitchell, the director of digital safety and privacy for the advocacy syndicate Tactical Tech, told Business Insider earlier in its first year.

And privacy constitutions in the U.S. have not caught up with the reality of how DNA testing is being used( and could potentially be abused ), according to privacy experts and legal scholars.

“In the US we have taken to protecting genetic report separately rather than employing more general privacy laws, and most of the people who’ve looked at it have concluded that’s a really bad idea, ” Mark Rothstein, a statute professor at Brandeis and the director of the University of Louisville’s Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law, told Wired in May.

The investigation into the” Golden State Killer “ and the eventual arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo thanks to DNA exhibit comes from an open informant lineage locate called GEDMatch likely cured focus consumers pondering on the issue.

In that case a relative of DeAngelo’s had uploaded their information onto the site and examiners noted a close match with DNA at the crime place. That report was then correlated with other details to eventually center on DeAngelo as a suppose in the crimes.

While consumer genetic testing business may be striving, investors still see increasing promise in clinical genetics researching, with companionships like the publicly traded InVitae envision its share price rally and the privately held company, Color, raising approximately $75 million in new capital from investors is presided over by T. Rowe Price.

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