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Amazon’s Project Kuiper chief David Limp is coming to Sessions: Space

TechCrunch Sessions: Space( December 16& 17 ) is just a few short weeks apart and there is perhaps no better time than the end of this ghastly year to set our eyes to the horizon and dream of some place far, far away.

David Limp, Amazon’s SVP of Amazon Device and Services, is just the man to tend our ingenuities. Thusly, we’re fuelled to have him assemble us for a one-on-one conversation at Sessions: Space 2020.

Limp is responsible for Amazon’s maneuvers business, including consumer gadgets like the Echo lineup- but also Project Kuiper, Amazon’s forthcoming Starlink competitor.

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Project Kuiper is of great broadband moon internet constellation that is expected to be made up of more than 3,000 planets, with a mission to provide internet to tens of millions of people who currently don’t have access.

In July, Amazon received approval from the FCC to launch and operate said constellation, and the company likewise announced it would be investing $ 10 billion into Kuiper, as well as the on-ground infrastructure needed to offer broadband connectivity to those millions of users.

Limp has been with Amazon since March 2010, before which he was a venture partner at Azure Capital Partners for four years. While his persona supervises a wide variety of products, including Alexa, Echo, Kindle, Fire TV, Ring and more, the scope of our conversation at Discussions: Space will focus on exactly that, space.

Limp joins a stellar( hear what I did there ?) lineup of incredible loudspeakers at TC Sessions: Space, including Lt. Gen. John Thompson of the U.S. Air force, Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck, and NASA’s Kathryn Lueders. You don’t want to miss it!

You can get an Early Bird Ticket for simply $125 until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 20. And we have discounts available for purposes of groups, students, active armed/ public service employees and for early-stage space startup founders who want to pitch and give their startup some additional visibility.

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