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Amazon’s big Fire TV refresh includes the launch of its own ‘Omni’ series

Amazon’s customary early-September refresh of its residence entertainment produces comes with a big, if not that unpredictable, surprise. As part of a whole fleet of brand-new Fire TV machines, the mega-retailer has announced the first launching, at least in the US, of its own Amazon-branded TVs. First up, the Fire TV Omni series is a lineup of 4K screens in 43 -, 50 -, 55 -, 65 – and 75 -inch immensities. The smaller trio in that lust backing HDR1 0, hybrid log gamma HDR( HLG) and Dolby Digital Plus, as well as the usual Alexa integratings. The big duet, the 65 – and 75 -inch models, also get Dolby Vision, as well as a thinner bezel to better are appropriate to your room decor.

These brand-new screens come with a entire bunch of Alexa integrations and links to the broader Amazon ecosystem. As we’ve seen on other Fire TV forces, far-field microphones will let you speak to Alexa from across the room, and causes you control the rest of your smart-alecky home from the couch. As well as the usual recommendations and curation, the Omni will too let you access TikTok straight from your TV. You’ll too be able to speak to your pilgrims if you have a Ring doorbell, and if you plug in a webcam to your TV, you can use it for both Alexa calling and Zoom, when that facet is enabled later this year.

Price-wise, these TVs will start at $410 for the 43 -inch model and fly all the way up to $ 1,100 for the 75 -inch beefy boi. All of them is likely to be exclusive to Amazon and Best Buy, although it’s worth noting that Amazon is beating up to $110 off the 50 -inch Omni as an preparatory offer, obliging it cheaper than the 43 -incher, when they arrive over the next month.

Amazon 4-series TVAmazon

Amazon is also looking after the lower-end with the “4-series” assortment of smart TVs, which offer HDR1 0 and HLG. The lineup includes 43 -, 50 – and 55 -inch immensities, with the same Fire TV smarts and Alexa integrations you’ll find on pretty much any analogous Fire TV maneuver. Naturally, Amazon is targeting price with this series, and the 43 -inch model will be priced at $370, while $470 and $520 will be enough to grab you the 50 -and 55 -inch sections, respectively. Similarly, Amazon will furnish discounts on select mannequins here as well.

Of course, if the idea of siding Amazon even more of your currency completes you with terrifying, you can also get new Fire TV sets from other manufacturers. Pioneer, for example, is propelling a brand-new 4K set in 43 -and-5 0-inch immensities with HDR1 0 and Dolby Vision, as well as picture-in-picture with a compatible machine. Toshiba, meanwhile, is propelling a range of Fire TV sets with far-field voice, which has been a must-have for Fire TV designs for years at this top. These poses, however, won’t are accessible until the outpouring of 2022, but Amazon predicts that you’ll get “high-end picture quality in large-scale format sizes, ” including a 55 -, 65 – and 75 -inch model.

Image of the new 4K StickAmazon

If you’re previously joyous with your TV, nonetheless, then Amazon also has the brand-new TV Stick 4K Max to plug into your existing designate. The poke is compressing a brand-new processor, 2GB RAM and WiFi 6, which Amazon says will make it smoother, faster and bettererier than any other streaming stick on the market. You’ll too get a bunch of the same Alexa voice features and access to Amazon Luna, the company’s cloud gaming assistance. The hardware also supports 4K, HDR, HDR1 0+ and Dolby Atmos, offers live sentiment picture-in-picture and is part of the new Alexa voice remote. When available, it’ll cost you $ 55 for the privilege of owning one, too.

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