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Amazon’s Alexa-powered indoor air quality monitor alerts you to pollution

Amazon still isn’t done announcing Alexa-powered smart home contraptions this year. The companionship has launched a $69 Smart Air Quality Monitor( were presented at privilege) that checks your household for carbon monoxide, dust, humidity, temperature and volatile organic complexes. If the air is undesirable, Alexa will let you know through either its portable app or an Echo device. You’ll know to open a space or turn on an aura purifier without having to check the monitor yourself.

You can invite Alexa about the breeze excellence at any given moment. Display-equipped designs like an Echo Show or your phone will provide a detailed breakdown of the findings.

You’ll have to be a bit case. The Smart Air Quality Monitor is available to pre-order now, but the first lineups don’t ship until sometime in December. All the same, the wait could be reasonable if you prefer the Alexa ecosystem and worry that your indoor breath excellence is change your health.

Read more: engadget.com

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