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Amazon quietly publishes its latest transparency report

Just as Amazon was savor in the news of a massive earnings win, the tech heavyweight quietly wrote — as it ever does — its recent opennes report, revealing a slight plunge in the number of government a requirement for used data.

It’s a rarely recognized decline in the number of necessitates received by a tech fellowship during a year where almost every other tech giant — including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter — all construe an increase in the number of requests they receive. Merely Apple reported a decline in the number of expects it received.

Amazon said it received 1,841 subpoenas, 440 search warrants and 114 other court orders for consumer data — such as its Echo and Fire manoeuvres — during the six-month period destroy 2019.

That’s about a 4% deterioration on the first six months of the year.

The company’s shadowed measurement, Amazon Web Services, also ensure a decline in the number of demands for data stored by patrons, down by about 10%.

Amazon also said it received between 0 and 249 national protection is asking for both its shopper and massed business( governs lay out by the Justice Department merely countenance tech and telecom companies to report in arrays ).

At the time of writing, Amazon has not yet updated its law enforcement requests page to schedule the latest report.

Amazon’s biannual transparency report is one of the lightest speaks of any company’s fleshes across the tech industry. We previously reported on how Amazon’s clarity reports have purposefully become more vague over the years rather than clearer — bucking the industry trend. At simply three sheets, the company depletes most of it explaining how it responds to each kind of legal request rather than expanding on the numbers themselves.

The company’s Ring smart-alecky camera subdivision, which has faced heavy criticism for its poor security practices and its cozy relationship with law enforcement, still hasn’t secreted its own data require figures.

Many smart home device makers still won’t say if they give your data to the government

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