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All the tech in Ford’s most important vehicle: the 2021 F-150 truck

Ford flattened out all the stops Thursday night for the reveal of its all-new F-1 50 truck, right down to the splashy videos dominated by electric guitar riffs. Heck, the automaker even thrown the sharp-tongued Denis Leary as its MC.

Of course , nothing of that really materials. It’s all about what Ford has done to improve the most important and profitable vehicle in its lineup. It’s been six years since the last redesign. This all-new F-1 50 volunteers kind of performance and abundance alternatives that Ford truck owners have come to expect. Ford is offering 11 different grille options, for instance.

But what stands out this time is the tech as well as a pushing beyond slight hybrids into the realm of a full composite powertrain.

Here’s all the technology in the new F-1 50, beginning with the interior and specifically the infotainment system.

Domination midst

The base XL version of the truck will come standard with an 8-inch core touchscreen flaunt. However, on higher edgings — XLT and above — the F-1 50 will have a 12 -screen that can be split so that users can control multiple parts simultaneously, including sailing, music or truck features.

Image Credits 😛 TAGEND

Connectivity and OTAs

Who upkeeps if the presentation is big if it doesn’t have the underlying connectivity to support a legion of boasts? The important aspect to note is the F-1 50 has a brand-new SYNC 4 organisation and embedded 4G LTE modem, which can provide Wi Fi access for up to 10 maneuvers. SYNC 4, which has twice the computing capability or the previous generation, is soon to be standard in all sits of the F-1 50 and will peculiarity natural articulation control and real-time mapping. The requisite on-demand audio content offered via SiriusXM will also be available.

The system will likewise wirelessly connect a smartphone to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The critical new case here is that plan, which was built within Ford instead of outsourced, can support over-the-air software updates. That represents the system roll out modernizes to the vehicle such as adding or improving move assistance features and keeping maps up to date. SYNC 4 will furnish third-party apps through its AppLink system, including Waze and a edition of Amazon’s Alexa called Ford+ Alexa.

Office, bed or breakfast nook?

Ford is clearly aiming for people who spend a lot of term working out of their truck. The new F-1 50 will come with an optional work surface in the center console area. The surface is designed to be used as a opportune residence to sign reports, lay out a laptop up to 15 -inches in size or park that sandwich. The nifty percentage is that Ford managed to keep the console shifter. The move makes the button, it folds into a locker and fixes area for the laptop effort area.

Image Credits: Ford

Out on the tailgate is another work surface that includes integrated governors, a mobile machine holder, cupholder and pencil holder.

Image Credits: Ford

Back inside the cab are the sleeper seats, which got a bit of coverage before the big-hearted reveal. These” max recline” benches are available in the higher end simulations like King Ranch, Platinum and Limited and do as advertised: fold flat to practically 180 degrees.

Hybrid organization

Ford is offering its “PowerBoost” organisation, which refers to the full hybrid powertrain, on trim ranks from the F-1 50 XL to the Limited. The method blends Ford’s 3.5 -liter V6 machine and 10 -speed transmission with a 35 -kilowatt electric motor. This electrical machine will use regenerative braking force capture to help recharge the 1.5 -kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, which is located underneath the truck..

Ford said it’s targeting an EP-Aestimated range of about 700 miles on a single tank of gas and will hand at least 12,000 pounds of available maximum towing.


The truck will likewise give an onboard generator announced Pro Power Onboard. The aspect is available with a 2.0 -kilowatt output on optional gas devices. The hybrid F-1 50 will come standard with 2.4 kilowatts of production or an optional 7.2 kilowatts of output.

Owners can access this power source through outlets located in the cabin as well as up to four 120 -volt 20 -amp outlets in the cargo. The 7.2 kw power option will include a 240 -volt 30 -amp outlet. The method will allow for the artilleries on tool to bill while the vehicle is moving.

Auxiliary everywhere

There are so many in now, it’s hard to keep them straight. The operator assistance peculiarities are part of Ford’s branded Co-Pilot 360 2.0 plan. The important items are that more of these advanced motorist assistance peculiarities are standard on the base XL trim, including a pre-collision assist with automated emergency restraint and pedestrian sensing, rearview camera with dynamic hitch assist and automobile high-beam headlamps and auto on/off headlamps.

Ford has added( checks tones) 10 brand-new driver-assist peculiarities. The most notable one is Active Drive Assist, the hands-free driving facet that Ford plans to roll out via software updates to specific vehicles, including the all-electric Mustang Mach-E in the third quarter of 2021.

The hands-free feature will work on about 100,000 miles of pre-mapped, partitioned superhighways in the U.S. and Canada. The monitoring system will include an advanced infrared driver-facing camera that will track eye gaze and head position to ensure motorists are paying attention to the road. The DMS will be used in the hands-free mode and when moves opt for lane-centering mode, which works on any road with aisle ways. Moves who don’t keep their sees forward will be notified by visual motivates on their instrument cluster.

Then there’s” Intersection Assist ,” which sees oncoming traffic while the move is attempting a left turn, and” Active Park Assist 2.0 ,” which handles all steering, changing, restraint and accelerator controls during a latitude or vertical parking ploy while the operator regards down a button.

Finally, there is” Trailer Reverse Guidance” and” Pro Trailer Backup Assist .” Neither are new, but they’re important features for customers who drag trailers.

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