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Aki acquires Eyeview’s ad personalization tech

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January 30, 2020

Aki acquires Eyeview’s ad personalization tech

Video advertising company Eyeview shut down in December, but its technology will live on thanks to an buy by Aki Technologies.

Aki CEO Scott Swanson told me that he’s anticipating serious growth in the demand for ad personalization, particularly as consumers attend personalization everywhere else online.

Swanson argued that Eyeview’s technology stands out thanks to its focus on video, with” the ability to generate millions of permutations of a video innovative and store them in the vapour .” It offers even more possibilities when combined with Aki’s existing scaffold, which delivers ads aimed at providing specific” portable instants ,” like whether the viewer is loosening at home or out loping errands.

Plus, the acquisition accepts Aki to expand beyond portable promote to desktop and connected TV.

The financial terms of the distribute “re not” disclosed, but Swanson said that in addition to acquiring the technology, he’s also working to bring on old-fashioned Eyeview clients and hire Eyeview team representatives( he estimated that he’s hired nearly 15 so far and is aiming for around 20 ). At the same time, he acknowledged that there are challenges in resurrecting a business that had been shut down.

Video ad company Eyeview lists Rob Deichert as its brand-new CEO

” The technology itself was decommissioned, it was taken down, it was backed up in the cloud ,” Swanson said.” As the acquisition follows, we’ll literally be taking the code base and relaunching it in the cloud … Hiring the people was super important, and then because it’s not a traditional acquisition where we get customers and stuff, we have to go call up all the customers one-by-one, just as we have to hire people one-by-one .”

Eyeview had raised roughly $80 million in funding before running out of cash and laying off a team of around 100 employees.( Aki, meanwhile, has raised only a grain round of $3.75 million back in 2016; Swanson said the company has grown organically since then .) The report came simply a few months after digital media veteran Rob Deichert made over as CEO.

” While it was disappointing to have to shut down the Eyeview business, I’m very happy that these new technologies assets help find a home with Aki ,” Deichert told me via email.” Their business is a logical fit for the technology .”

And despite Eyeview’s afflictions, Swanson said he’s confident that the company still drives as a standalone business:” Look, these people have been running a business that was full of really happy customers who were experiencing good results and seem to have been disillusioned when they closed down .”

The bigger issue, he suggested, is the adtech industry as a whole, with advertisers feeling fatigued” with having too many alternatives ,” along with a lack of” appetite on the large exit side .”

” The broader trend here is for companies that operate profitably and can support themselves effectively to become a little bit more tech-enabled managed services business ,” Swanson said.

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