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Airship acquires SMS commerce company ReplyBuy

Airship is announcing that it has acquired portable busines startup ReplyBuy.

The startup( which was a finalist at TechCrunch’s 1st and Future competition in 2016) works with purchasers like amusement venues and professional and college athletics crews to move letters and sell tickets to supporters via SMS. It grew$ 4 million in funding from Sand Hill Angels, Kosinski Ventures, SEAG Ventures, Enspire Capital, MRTNZ Ventures and others, according to Crunchbase.

Airship, meanwhile, has been expanding its platform beyond push notifications to cover customer communication across SMS, email, portable purses and more. But CEO Brett Caine said this is the first time the company is moving into commerce.

While boasts and concerts tickets might not be a booming market right now, Caine suggested that the company is actually examine increased buying task” in and around the Airship platform” as firms “ve been trying to” drive more in-app acquires. He too recommends that both the COVID-1 9 pandemic and increased restrictions on mobile all the data and ad targeting are going to” accelerate direct-to-consumer motion by enormous firebrands .”

Airship isn’t disclosing the deal price, but Caine said the seven-person ReplyBuy squad will be joining the company, with CEO Brandon O’Halloran becoming Airship’s general manager of commerce and CTO Anthony Saia producing the busines engineering team.

” Nobody directly connects more brands to mobile purchasers than Airship, ” O’Halloran said in a statement. “Joining Airship offers ReplyBuy the opportunity to serve the global market with a more comprehensive solution across more manufactures, and support most valuable portable purchaser experiences.”

Caine added,” These are really key roles, supporting the importance, in our opinion, of lengthening exchange to the customer engagement know .”

He also said that Airship will continue to support ReplyBuy as a standalone concoction, while also integrating and extending its capabilities to other sectors of the Airship platform.

” This one-to-one commerce at flake is a key part of the ReplyBuy solution ,” he said.” We’re going to creating it into all the digital directs that Airship capabilities[ to create] a seamless, fast, easy knowledge around commerce .”

Airship acquires A/ B testing company Apptimize

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