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AI Could Soon Make Our Smart Speakers More Intuitive

Smart speakers are always listening out for its activation phrase, whether it be “Hey Siri”, “OK Google”, or “Alexa”. This has created problems where watching a video with those quotations might inadvertently prompt your smart-alecky orator, but thanks to the work of researchers, they’re developing AI that could determine smart-alecky orators, well, smarter.

This is done by using AI to help determine the direction of the voice that the device is hearing. For sample, if you’re far away, the AI might assume that you don’t want to activate the speaker and will reject those phrases. Nonetheless, when you’re up close and personal, it am assuming that you do want to activate the speaker’s digital assistant.

According to the researchers, “Our approach innately enables tone bids with addressability( i.e ., machines know if a bidding was placed at them) in a natural and rapid behaviour. We quantify the accuracy of our implementation across consumers, rooms, spoken phrases, and other determining factor that affect performance and usability. Taken together, we trust our DoV approach illustrates feasibility and the promise of stirring dispersed voice interactions much more intuitive and fluid.”

That being said, we’re not sure if there are plans to actually implement this technology into existing smart orators, but it could solve a lot of problems and meet smart loudspeakers more instinctive in the future.

AI Could Soon Make Our Smart Speakers More Intuitive

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