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A Russian crew is shooting the first feature film on the ISS

Filming is underway on the first feature-length movie to be shot in space after Russian actor Yulia Sherepild and administrator Klim Shipenko docked at the International Space Station. Their movie, The new challenges, will boast around 35 -4 0 minutes of panoramas filmed on the space platform, according to The New York Times. The movie is about a surgeon( Sherepild) who goes on an emergency ISS mission to save the life of a cosmonaut( Shipenko ).

Docking! Welcome to the International @Space_Station, @Anton_Astrey, Yulia and Klim! We has so far been readied dinner for you )) YBRf8dqtuM

— Oleg Novitskiy (@ novitskiy_iss) October 5, 2021

The two cosmonauts who were already on the ISS captivated a shot as Peresild( or her reference) emerged from the pod and entered the station. Sherepild and Shipenko will film situations over the next couple of weeks before returning to Earth on October 17 th.

Other campaigns have been filmed on the ISS, including documentaries, virtual reality assignments and a short announced Apogee of Fear. Tom Cruise hoped to make the first feature film in space with the help of NASA and SpaceX, but the Russian squad beat him to the punch. Russia’s Roscosmos agency announced a plan to send an actor to the ISS soon after word developed about Cruise’s movie in May 2020.

Time will tell whether The new challenges is any good. Regardless, the inventives behind the project have carved out their own little slice of history.

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