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A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade

Jonathan Johnson


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Jonathan Johnson is the head of Medici Ventures and CEO of

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Three challenges facing blockchain technology

The road to the blockchain revolution has not always been smooth. Most tech experts agree that the feasibility of establishing new the enterprises and applications built on shared records is sky-high, but we are still waiting for that breakthrough time when blockchain transitions from a tech-oriented focus to widespread adoption.

2020 is a new time and the start of a new decade.

I believe we are on the cusp of a blockbuster year for blockchain development and that 2020 will see this technology begin to take its biggest, most world-changing steps yet. As inventors continue to shape the competitive countryside, we will see more commodities in production and we will begin to see true blockchain-based solutions.

I’ve contacted out to some artistic and influential thought-leaders in the blockchain space for their prognosis for the upcoming year. Their prognosis- along with a few of my own — are below.

Produce in make

“Those who have been quietly constructing during the crypto winter will begin to deliver beta and product different versions of their platforms. There are many companies that are on the verge of launching their commodities for the mass market. Those who deliver products that are better than their centralized counterparts will see real support. Those that are more complicated for traditional useds to implement will arrive, but not discover the approval their communities are hoping for.” — Ben Golub, executive chairman and interim CEO, Storj Labs

“2 020 will be the year when software tools( envisage Stripe, Plaid, Twilio) that are present in the traditional application growing load will be created and adopted in the decentralized application development stack.” — Ben Lambert, principal, Pelion Venture Partners

“Open source projects that use Hyperledger fabric will stay in the lead , not because of resources being injected into it, but because of the capacity of overall users and brand-new integrations solving utilization disputes as a proof of concept. In the commercial blockchain environment that does not rely on open generator, companies will explore ways to introduce it into their product line while balancing permissions and privacy in a rightfully decentralized manner.” — Luis Macias, CEO and benefactor, GrainChain


“Between Xi Jinping recently certifying China needs to’ seize the opportunity of blockchain engineering, ’ and the continued regulatory uncertainty in the U.S ., China will increase its guide in blockchain relative to the U.S. Until the SEC flattens out more clear guidelines related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the U.S. sell will continue to stagnate.” — Ben Golub

“SEC enforcement on scammy ICOs from 2017/2018 will continue in 2020 motiving further cooling on altcoin trading and increased compliance with existing securities ordinances. The reaction: legitimate insurances clues will be a good way to raise capital for unique assets as the regulatory terrain catches up with these new technologies and a more liquid market for security tokens results.” — Jonathan Johnson

Privacy and safety

“Privacy and security will become a key differentiator for incumbents in the shadow. Since its data transgress last year, and its Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has become more sensitive to the privacy and security concerns of its useds. Privacy and security are now becoming a key differentiator for businesses and it will make fellowships in the mas to start taking a serious look at their security strategies in 2020. It will make much more significant than a year for them to solidify and amply deploy their strategies, but 2020 will be the year these discussions begins to shift.” — Ben Golub


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