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9 ways to learn a language without leaving the country — or the couch

9 ways to learn a language without leaving the country — or the couch

There are a lot of opportune things about living in this brand new decade. For one thing: it’s never been easier to decode foreign languages. Can you imagine doing your high school Spanish homework today? You’d be Google Translating the heck out of it.

There have also never been so many different ways to learn a language as young adults. From smart translate inventions to award-winning language software, here are nine great, tech-forward language slews.

Language Learning Apps and Software

Learn a ton of words with a lifetime subscription to Mondly

Learning a new communication doesn’t have to be as boring or boring as it was when you were in school. In fact, plenty of apps determine the learning process really fun for fully-fledged adults. Take Mondly, for example. This award-winning app has earned itself App Store App of the Day and the Google Play Editor’s Choice, amongst other accolades. It utilizes its advanced pronunciation approval technology to keep your pronunciation in check and give you positive feedback along the way. You’ll be surprised how quickly your accent “il be gone” from resounding like a tourist to that of a native orator. Read more …

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