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4 PPC Tools to Automate Your Ad Campaigns

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December 10, 2020

4 PPC Tools to Automate Your Ad Campaigns

ppc automation

The field of ppc( pay-per-click) is constantly evolving. If you use tools that automate some of the advertising campaign processes, your campaigns may become more efficient and effective.

Pay-per-click automation tools allow purveyors to automate some tasks by exerting third-party works. These tools can save you go, improve safarus operation, and abbreviate wasted ad spends.

Rather than spending your time hovering over dozens of expeditions, you can focus on duties like pinpointing expanses for business proliferation, increasing gathering booking, and exploring brand-new ad types that will benefit your marketings funnels.

That isn’t to say automation is the key to the future , nor are we all going to be replaced by machines. Paid ad campaigns might always need humen to supremacy them, but you can at least catch a break from constant expedition monitoring.

To start this off, let’s take a deeper dive into what PPC automation is.

What Is PPC Automation?

PPC automation refers to the system that costs marketers every time their ad is clicked.

PPC automation permits purveyors to control their Google ad campaigns through machine learning, without expend hours tediously revising scope, aging, and targeting. By automating some of the systems and steps, you can leverage third-party lotions to do the hard work for you.

For example, if you want your ad to stop running on a certain day, or if you want to change the target audience before the end of the running cycle, you can use PPC automation to control these details. This intends no more activating, deactivating, and adjusting your ads by hand.

What a relief.

It also means you can shift your focus back to generating induces and stretching your business and let the machine do the hard work for you.

PPC automation tools are a great way to optimize ad concert and focus your time on your large sell goals.

Why is PPC Automation a Popular Method?

PPC automation tools allow you to keep up with search engine market veers while at the same time giving yourself the time to focus on optimization.

For example, when AdWords became Google Ads, many of the original tools and facets were replaced. For a human, relearning these tools can be time-consuming and disheartening. For a machine, it’s instant.

Google actually proposes consuming PPC automation and smart ad dictation, as it saves you meter and increases the implementation of its your ads.

Think about it this lane. Let’s say you’re brand-new to the paid ad nature and want to launch your first PPC campaign.

You don’t know much about online paid publicizing, but you understand how to target an audience and crave a lower cost-per-click. With PPC automation, you can simply enter your campaign aims, select your smart-alecky entreat strategies, and give the machine do the rest.

Even if Google Ads entirely modernise such a system the next day, your machine will still know what to do. That means you can take the additional time to learn more about manual targeting or developing your online community.

ppc automation google ads

Pros and Cons of PPC Automation

Manual bidding can be a great asset to a campaign and offers peculiar ways and means to earning alterations and lowering ad expenditure charges. That being said, it only cultivates when done correctly.

Humans often offset flaws that machines don’t. It’s not that we aren’t as good as they are, but we are more prone to performing simple mistakes. The benefit of automated entreat and ad management is you don’t have to worry about those small-minded, silly mistakes, like targeting the wrong gathering. In contrast, leaving the work up to a machine can imply less personalization and some important details may be overlooked.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of PPC automation tools.

Pros of PPC Automation

PPC automation tools is best for long-term, ongoing expeditions. This is because to create a detailed automated system, you need to have relevant data to be incorporated into it. If you’ve just started a new campaign with a new purchaser and you don’t have any reference data to turn to, it might not be the best time to jump into automation.

That being said, formerly you get the ball rolling, PPC automation tools can save you a great deal of time and coin when maintaining and monitoring your PPC campaigns.

If a machine can do it just as well as we can, why not tell it?

Cons of PPC Automation

Even although it was might seem like a give and forget plan, there are many details that go into the initial setup of automated PPC campaigns.

For example, you still need to determine which approaches fit your business or what kind of results you want to target.

Also, even an automated expedition can have glitches. It’s essential to continue monitoring your expeditions even if you choose to use automated PPC tools. The work involved in an automated PPC campaign could be less intense than a manual expedition, but don’t made this shape you become a lazy marketer precisely because you think the computer is handling it.

If you’d rather something else handle your PPC campaigns, my agency is accepting new PPC buyers.

Types of PPC Automation

PPC automation is a changing market tendency and will exclusively get stronger as our paid ad implements evolve. Getting familiar with these implements sooner rather than last-minute will ensure your business can automate and optimize as much as possible.

PPC automation tools range in intricacy and cost. You can find ways to automate pretty much anything- it’s only a matter of which stairs you just wanted to automate and how much work you are willing to put into your campaigns.

Here are 4 of the basic ways to use PPC automation.

Integrations and Reporting

Reporting is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating specific areas of a PPC manager’s life. Think of all the hours expended gathering data, composing spreadsheets, and importing informants to create custom reports.

Automating your reporting arrangements through integrations can help make this process more efficient. No more manually exporting spreadsheets and no more comparing data.

Integration refers to the different apps and pulpits you may want to pull data from when preparing reports. These could be stages such as Google Ads or Instagram Insights.

When choosing an automated reporting application, be sure to check that it offers the desegregations you will need.

Here are a few easy-to-use PPC reporting tools to help build your reporting easier 😛 TAGEND


Swydo was built for PPC managers and is a simple way to automatically integrate data sets from various sources like Facebook Insights or Bing Ads.

Swydo can also help you monitor your clients’ key points of interest and translate them readily into your reports.

swydo ppc automation reporting

Swydo likewise causes you schedule your reports so they can be automatically sent to your unit or buyers, saving you an end-of-the-month scramble.

swydo ppc automation report scheduling

Swydo claims to help you increase client retention through their automated reporting methods. Pricing starts at $ 62.00 per month.

Reporting Ninja

Reporting Ninja boasts more than sixteen different integrations and has a range of reporting templates.

ppc automation report ninja

Plus, it includes cross-platform similarities so you can combine data from multiple programmes into a single show or graph.

ppc automation graphs ninja

Reporting Ninja can also help you create SEO and conversion reports on top of your PPC reports. Means start at $20.00 per month, which includes ten reports.

Report Garden

Report Garden can assist you in generate patient reports, monitor funds, and contributed brand-new PPC campaigns, all in one app.

ppc automation report garden campaign

Their imaginative visual reports will assist you look great in front of your patrons or busines leadership.

ppc automation report garden

They likewise have a range of interactive dashboards so your clients can see their reports in real-time.

Report Garden schedules start at $250.00 per month for 10 patrons. Dashboards and reports are unlimited for your clients to access. Learn more about how automating reports cured this agency scale from 25 to 500 notes with Report Garden on their blog.


Scripts are Javascript code sections that can tell your ads to perform certain functions based on performance data that you input. Writes can assist you in customize certain parts of your campaign to automate and let you pick what data points to use and when.

For example, if you want to add ad planneds for a campaign, you might use a dialogue that looks like this.

ppc automation google script

You don’t have to be a coder to use these dialogues. Google has a whole library of code dialogues you can use if you’re brand-new to this method.

Scripts are a great way to do split testing, big handling, and financial reporting. They can be used to automate internal or external purposes and save you a lot of time in PPC report maintenance.

Custom Builds

Custom structures are certainly the most complicated area of PPC automation. These erects require some expertise, so you are able to need a developer to help you get started.

Custom body-builds are coded automations that allow you to customize almost anything in your ads. These constructs will enable you to focus on unique metrics and compose towers that can segment account data down to its finest points.

PPC Automation custom build column example

Google describes customization like this 😛 TAGEND

For example, to see the percentage of clinks you get from portable manoeuvres, create a custom column that fractions portable clicks by total clinks. Or let’s say you’re a shoe retailer and enjoy a 40% benefit margin for each duo of shoes you sell. To understand your total profit for each sale, ensure your conversion value column tracks revenue. Then, create a custom column that multiplies alteration quality by 40% and call it’ Estimated Profit.’

Comprehensive Software

Comprehensive software stages allow you to customize, automate, and manage your ad campaign in a more user-friendly fashion than patronage constructs let. A thorough application would enable you to do everything we discussed above and more from one simple platform.

Here are a few of the best PPC automation software tools out there, so you can get the most out of your paid ad strategy.

WordStream PPC Advisor

WordStream PPC Advisor was a very good select for small and medium-sized companies ready to jump into PPC campaigns but don’t have massive plans or big organization listings to support them.

WordStream gives Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter integrations as well as report building, data analytics, and landing sheet optimization.

PPC Automation WordStream optimize search traffic screen

WordStream PPC Advisor strategy start at $264.00 per month for 12 -month plans.


Optmyzr is a good hand-picked if you’re racing numerou PPC campaigns and are looking for a range of automation features.

ppc automation optmyzr

With Optmyzr, you can create, racetrack, and reported today your PPC campaigns. You can also automate scripts and alarms directly from the platform. Optmyzr offers amalgamations for Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, and Bind Ads.

Plans start at $499.00 per month for the pro version.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is free for anyone using Google Ads software.

It’s a great platform for managing your Google ads to create, track, and revise your ads instantly from the software. You are also welcome to build amount alterations, which is a big benefit when operating several campaigns for a single client.

Here’s a short explainer video 😛 TAGEND

Although Google Ads Editor is great for management development your Google Ads, it doesn’t offer much incorporations. If you’re guiding ads on numerou search engines or programmes, then you might find this software limited.

Semrush PPC Toolkit

The PPC management software toolkit offered through Semrush is a great asset to expedition planning, keyword study, and adversary research. This tool tells you readily see how you rank against your adversaries and how you can modify your ads to out-perform them.

It also offers a range of SEO facets like the Keyword Magic Tool, which can show you scour capacity data alongside suggestions for stronger keywords.( You can also attract keyword data from my implement, Ubersuggest .)

Semrush offers a tiered pricing hope, which starts at $ 99.00 for the pro explanation, $199.00 for the guru copy, and $399.00 and up for the business version.

Still unsure if you can draw paid announce work for your business? Watch the video below to find out how you can get the alterations you crave from paid ads.


Ready to propel a high-conversion PPC campaign?

Interested in using PPC to diversify your web freight and improve your business?

With these enormous PPC automation tools, you’ll be able to tap into the benefits of paid push and start clearing changeovers that matter.

What are some of the ways you’ve concluded success with PPC automation?

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