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Archive Month: March 2021

Niantic Teases Their Own Pair Of Augmented Reality Glasses

Niantic is the company that many of you might know for activities like Pokemon GO, an augmented world located game where actors can walk around in real-world spots to catch various Pokemon and play against other actors. The busines did help make augmented world games favourite and showcase their potential. However, it seems that Niantic […]

The disconnect between Y Combinator Demo Day and due diligence

Within 48 hours, the startup world knew two decisive affairs: Y Combinator’s largest Demo Day ever, and the early investor exodus of Dispo, a photo-sharing app. Both episodes, while seemingly unrelated, taught us a lot about the importance, and difficulty, of due diligence in our current world. For background, early investors in Dispo distanced from […]

Hong Kong-based viAct raises $2M for its automated construction monitoring platform

Hong Kong-based viAct helps construction sites perform around-the-clock monitoring with an AI-based vapour pulpit that compounds computer vision, perimeter inventions and a portable app. The startup has announced that it has raised a$ 2 million seed round, co-led by SOSV and Vectr Ventures. The fund included participation from Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, Artesian Ventures […]

The return of neighborhood retail and other surprising real estate trends

The pandemic take remote part and on-demand delivery normal far faster than anyone else expected. Today, because the world beings to originating from the pandemic, spot doesn’t matter like it did a year ago. As shocking as it resounds, we could be entering a much better era for small, neighbourhood professions. Modern society raised luminary […]

The best robot vacuum and mop combos for busy people who want clean floors

Despite what mop and vacuum-clean business “ve been trying to” meet us feel, precisely nobody is champing at the bit to pull out the old clean and bucket or plug in the vacuum cleaner during their Saturday morning cleanup sessions. It’s not that the purposes of the act of straightening the floors is particularly cumbersome […]

Jeff raises $1M to build alternative credit scoring and other fintech products for Southeast Asia

According to the World Bank, more than one billion people in South and East Asia lack access to a bank account. For numerous, this sees it is difficult to secure credits and other services because they don’t have traditional business records like a approval composition. Jeff’s lend brokerage programme was put in place to make […]

Do we need so many virtual HQ platforms?

Teamflow, founded by ex-Uber manager Flo Crivello, had given rise to an $11 million Series A only three months after raising a $3.9 million grain for its virtual HQ platform. The latest round in the startup was led by Battery Ventures, with Menlo Ventures extending its previous financing event. Teamflow’s raise comes just days after […]

Apple Could Be Developing Smart Speakers With Built-In Screens And Cameras

According to each of these reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it seems that Apple is developing some brand-new smart residence devices. These smart dwelling manoeuvres aren’t brand-new per se as they have been done by other fellowships, but it will be the first for Apple. These maneuvers are allegedly smart orators that come with built-in […]

Apple Adds FaceTime Framework To Apple TV

Recently it was reported that Apple could be developing brand-new smart-alecky home inventions like smart exposes, which are essentially smart orators with a parade and camera built into it. This suggests that in the future, there is an opportunity that we could see Apple expand FaceTime to more of its products. If you missed more […]

Three energy-innovation takeaways from Texas’ deep freeze

Micah Kotch Contributor Share on Twitter Micah Kotch is the managing director at URBAN-X. Individual solutions to the collective crisis of climate change abound: backup diesel generators, Tesla powerwalls, “prepper” sanctuaries. Nonetheless, the infrastructure that our modern civilization relies on is interconnected and interdependent — energy, transportation, food, liquid and waste organizations are all vulnerable […]

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