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2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 – The Best Luxury SUV?

The standard appointments of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC are already definitely deluxe. The two outer back accommodates can be electronically converted into reclining accommodates. Padded areas and the dashboard are finished in fine Nappa leather, with a variety of further cushions and skin interior linings available on request. An electronic panoramic slide/ tilting sunroof with an opaque roller blind is standard, as are heated and ventilated massaging sits. Accessible on special seek, the set center console transforms the car into a comfortable four-seater whose rear is just as suitable for working as it is for relaxing. This console is available with extending, folding counters and even a refrigerator with gap for champagne bottles. Desirable silver champagne flutes for this are available from the supplementaries range.

A dedicated sweetnes was developed for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS as one of the purposes of the optional AIR BALANCE package: the white osmanthus blossom, floral and light-colored, is rounded off by a amiable skin memo and spicy tea.

The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach uses the charitable facets of the GLS to offer operators and passengers pleasant accommodate in all four or five accommodates where they are able to use their time as they wish. Especially the Executive Rear can be used both as an office and as a private loosening zone. The incorporation of digital machines toys an important role in every set. High-resolution displays with brilliant graphics and touchscreens for checking the substantial features further enhance the luxurious ambience. The Mercedes-Maybach user can perfectly integrate his or her digital environment into the car, whether as a self-driver or being chauffeured.

The central element in the dashboard’s design is an impressively sized screen division embedded in an energetic, distinctively styled and fully leather-lined control panel. The instrument panel flows into the door boards, and the integral prune constituent likewise extends into the doors. At the same time, it creates the impression that the upper cockpit part is moving. The instrument assemble and media display( 2 x 12.3 -inch as standard) are room behind a shared ongoing glass skin-deep to way a large free-standing screen.

When the kindling is turned on, the passengers are welcomed on all screens by an animation with Maybach lettering and an exclusive color combination. There is then a choice of various types of expose wordings such as Sport, Progressive or Discreet, which contain different numbers of exposes and adjust the ambience to suit the current mood. A representation with magnificent graphics marks the comprehensibility of the intuitive limit structure. One unique peculiarity of MBUX( Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is its study ability, thanks to artificial intelligence. A further parade form has been designed exclusively for the Mercedes-Maybach: Maybach Classic. In such cases the overall feeling is shaded to deep blue. Digits, needles and bezels are presented in rose gold. The virtual glazing of the tubes is discreetly engraved.

The instrument collection subdivided into three separately selectable showing regions- the two dial instruments and the central flaunt province situated between them. All three areas can be intuitively configured using the left touch control button in the steering wheel, admitting a very high degree of individualization. The operator can individually combine three affair and flaunts that are important for his or her superhighway and driving style.

The multifunction steering wheel of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS in Nappa leather, or optionally lumber, is pleasant to the touch, competitions the upholstery and decorate and is heatable on request. The left and right spokes have self-control regaliums with touch buttons, and Maybach lettering on the embrace. There is a touchpad in the center console as a further means of curb countless vehicle functions. The pre-eminent, grew center console establishes a robust differentiate with the flee-floating appearance of the dashboard. The console carries two robust, leather- crossed grasp administers as a soothing remembrance of the car’s SUV character. It likewise boasts an beautiful handrest with the exclusive Maybach emblem.

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