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Archive Month: October 2020

AOL founder Steve Case, involved early in Section 230, says it’s time to change it

AOL founder Steve Case was there in Dulles, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C ., when in 1996 the Communications Decency Act was transferred as one of the purposes of a major repair of U.S. telecommunications statutes that President Bill Clinton ratified into rule. Soon after, in its first test, a provision of that achievement […]

PORTL Hologram raises $3M to put a hologram machine in every home

What does a hologram-obsessed entrepreneur do for a second act after setting up a virtual Ronald Reagan in the Reagan Memorial Library, or beaming Jimmy Kimmel all the way from Hollywood to the Country Music Awards in Nashville? If that industrialist is David Nussbaum, the founder of PORTL Hologram, the next logical stair is to […]

Tesla has increased the price of its ‘Full Self-Driving’ option to $10,000

Tesla has made good on founder and CEO Elon Musk’s promise to boost the price of its “Full Self-Driving”( FSD) software upgrade option, increasing it to $10,000 following the start of the staged rollout of a beta version of the software update last week. This improves the price of the bundle $2,000 from its cost […]

Microsoft announces its first Azure data center region in Taiwan

After announcing its latest data center region in Austria earlier this month and an expansion of its footprint in Brazil, Microsoft today unveiled its plans to open a new region in Taiwan. This new region will augment its existing presence in East Asia, where the company previously operates data centre in China( carried out by […]

Polestar recalls its newest EV for the second time this month

Polestar, the electric vehicle brand that was spun out of Volvo Car Group, has issued another recall for its newest electric vehicle. The company is freely cancelling virtually 4,600 vehicles over what has been described as faulty inverters, Reuters reported. Polestar said in a statement that all changed clients will be notified, beginning November 2. […]

This Guitar Pedal Can Be Controlled Using Your Smartphone

If you’re a guitar musician, then there’s a very good chance you might own various pedals. These pedals, for those unfamiliar, improve guitar musicians create and adjust their guitar’s hubbubs to their liking, whether it be adding a crunchy aberration, a fluffy overdrive, or the wah tone of a face-melting guitar solo, these pedals cure […]

Hebbia wants to make Ctrl-F (or Command-F) actually useful through better AI

Deep learning has obligated massive strides in recent years, with new systems and modelings like GPT-3 provide higher character explains of human language, empowering makes to use these concepts in more diverse applications. We can see these developments in our text-to-speech voice recorders and dual usage rendition apps, which have gotten shockingly good these days. […]

Daily Crunch: Apple seems pretty interested in search

Apple might be construct a Google competitor, Audible computes more podcasts and an ad measurement company heightens $350 million. This is your Daily Crunch for October 28, 2020. The big narrative: Apple looks pretty interested in search Apple has a growing interest in search technology and might even be working on a concoction to compete […]

Meet the 11 startups graduating from the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Disruption spares the small startup, and the pandemic has most certainly been intrusive. So it’s no astound that accelerators and incubators are running out new startups that are ready to tackle the problems of 2020. One such accelerator is the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, which is graduating 11 brand-new startups out of the program today with […]

How is the Air Force looking to spend its $60 billion R&D budget?

Dr. Will Roper, the man in charge of the purse strings for the Air Force’s $ 60 billion research and development and possession plan, supervises some 550 curricula for the Air Force. It’s a huge responsibility that has big inferences for the future of the American armed, and as the key priorities for the military’s […]

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